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George Clooney jokes wife Amal watching ‘ERfor the first time has been ‘a disaster for my marriage

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Amal Clooney is doing what so many people have been doing during the pandemic -- kyk "ER." But according to husband and actor George Clooney, the many dalliances of Dr. Doug Ross have been met with disapproval....

Julianna Margulies admits she and George Clooney had a real-life ‘crushduring ‘ER

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Of course they did. Julianna Margulies recently shared that she and "ER" costar George Clooney had a bit of a crush on each other back in the day -- and that's what fed their on-screen chemistry. Margulies, who pl...

The cast of ‘ERwill reunite for special ‘Stars In The House’ episode

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Ja, Dr. Doug Ross will be there. Die rolverdeling van "ER" will reunite on "Stars In The House" for a special Earth Day episode for Waterkeeper Alliance, producers Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley have announced. Waterkeeper ...