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Violent clashes erupt during anti-lockdown demonstrations in Europe

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Protests in European countries against new Covid-19 restrictions turned violent over the weekend as cases continue to rise in the continent. Rioting broke out at The Hague on Saturday over the Dutch government's new...

Heavy clashes erupt between Taliban and anti-Taliban group in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province

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Heavy clashes erupted Thursday night around Afghanistan's northern Panjshir Valley between Taliban fighters and an anti-Taliban group, according to a source within the group. Panjshir Valley, a mountainous, inaccess...

Demonstrations erupt across Florida in support of Cuban people, call for end of communist regime

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From Jacksonville to Tampa and Miami, hundreds of community members took to the streets on Monday to rally for Cuban freedom. CRUZ CALLS OUT BIDEN'S STATE DEPARTMENT AMID REPORTS OF CUBA'S CRACKDOWN ON PROTESTERS "T ...

Republicans spotlight Cuba as socialism failure as protests erupt amid historic economic crisis

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Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in Havana over the weekend to lash out at the worsening conditions in the country under the communist regime, as Cuba faces its worst economic crisis in decades. CUBAN ANTI-GOV...

Jennifer López, Ben Affleck estalló en carcajadas durante una noche romántica en Los Ángeles: fotos

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La superestrella de 51 años y la "Camino de vuelta" actor, 48, were spotted enjoying each other's company while heading to a dinner at Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio, un restaurante de mariscos de lujo en Beverly Hills. Photos fr...

Riots erupt in parts of Israel as tensions flare

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It was some of the most unsettling, if not the worst, unrest since the early 2000s, according to journalist Amotz Eyal, who likened the atmosphere in the mixed Arab and Israeli city of Lod to a warzone. Mayor Yair Re...

North Carolina protests erupt as Elizabeth City is thrust into national spotlight

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The protests took place several hours after Brown's family said they were only allowed to see a small portion of police body camera footage of the April 21 tiroteo. Authorities have released few details on the shoot...

Estallan protestas en Minnesota tras el tiroteo en Daunte Wright

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La policía dijo en una conferencia de prensa matutina que 40 la gente había sido arrestada.

Critics erupt on Fauci after he says to not eat indoors, even after getting vaccine

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His comments come after he and other government experts have seemingly moved the pandemic goal posts for some time now. "Drinking indoors, restaurantes, and bars. Is that OK now?" host Mehdi Hasan asked the National I...

Protests erupt in Lancaster, Pensilvania, and arrests made after a police officer shot and killed a 27-year-old man

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Eight people were arrested during protests in Lancaster, Pensilvania, el lunes, a day after a Lancaster police officer shot and killed a 27-year-old man while responding to a call. The Lancaster County District At...

Protests erupt in South Africa over controversial TRESemme ad featuring Black hair

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Johannesburg, South Africa Two advertisements, one showing a black woman's hair labeling it "frizzy and dull," the other showing blonde hair, etiquetándolo, "fine and flat" y "normal" set off protests at one of South...