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Afghans in hiding could wait years for another airlift — or they can attempt a life-threatening land escape

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Some Afghans may be able to get past the Taliban and eventually flee through chartered flights, the experts said. Others could be evacuated through humanitarian organizations, but those evacuations could take months ...

He was lucky to escape Afghanistan, but many of his relatives, friends and other Afghan allies were left behind, in danger and pleading to be evacuated

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After a perilous 14-hour drive from Kandahar, Afghanistan's second-largest city, to the capital of Kabul, a flight to Qatar, another to Washington, corriente continua, and a week in Fort Lee, Virginia, AA and his family finally mad...

Palestinian prisoners escape from Israeli prison, apparently through a tunnel

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Jerusalem Israeli authorities are hunting for six Palestinian militants who broke out of prison, apparently through a tunnel, sometime early Monday morning. The men escaped from Gilboa prison, which lies between the ...

Escape del ejército estadounidense de Afganistán: Tripulaciones de la Fuerza Aérea describen escenas finales "apocalípticas"

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Para los EE. UU.. Pilotos militares y tripulaciones a punto de realizar sus despegues finales fuera de Afganistán, el cielo se iluminó con fuegos artificiales y disparos esporádicos y el aeródromo se llenó de proyectiles maltrechos de aviones y d ...

Georgia dad’s emotional TikTok leads to outpouring of support to help escape homelessness

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Michael Walker and his wife, Willa Strong, have been living out of hotel rooms as he battles kidney disease and struggles to provide for their three daughters – Rukiya, 16, Niara, 14, and Adia, 12, all of whom are au...

Madre de Colorado Springs, hija escapa de Afganistán a un lugar seguro, la familia confirma

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Salma Kazemi, 24, y su madre, quienes son de Colorado Springs, pudieron evacuar Afganistán y llegar a salvo a Qatar, un portavoz de la familia le dijo a Fox News el viernes por la mañana. Kazemi y su madre viajaron cada uno..

Sospechoso ladrón de velas en Florida hiere a decenas de personas con spray para osos durante su fuga, la policía dice

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Un hombre en doral, Florida, escapó de una tienda del centro comercial con artículos robados el sábado rociando a todos en su camino con repelente de osos, según la policía. Por lo menos 30 las personas requirieron tratamiento por sus lesiones, ...

Why the celebrity couples ruling summer have been just the escape we needed

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As poet Jennifer Lopez once wrote, love don't cost a thing. But this summer, her love life has been everything. Following a breakup with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Lopez has displayed a masterful grasp o...

Pence dice que ya ha tenido suficiente’ de Biden mientras busca escapar de la sombra de Trump en Iowa

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Monjes, Iowa El ex vicepresidente Mike Pence cruzó Iowa el viernes, atacando a la administración del presidente Joe Biden por desatar "una ola de políticas de izquierda que amenazan con acabar con todos los programas..

Su. Ted Cruz: Demócratas’ ‘Defund the Police– here’s their desperate ploy to escape blame for rising crime rates

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki about senior adviser to the president Cedric Richmond’s claim that Republicans have defunded the police by not voting to pass Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Psaki defended Ric...

Elephant herd razes 500-kilometer path of destruction after escape from China nature reserve

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A herd of 15 elephants has wreaked havoc in China, trampling crops and causing more than a million dollars' worth of damage, after the animals escaped from a nature reserve last year. The elephants have made a 500-k...

UK zoo kills two bears after they escape from enclosure

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Zookeepers shot dead two brown bears that escaped their enclosure and attacked a boar at a zoo in Bedfordshire, Inglaterra. The female bears, named Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, had wandered into the neighboring wil...

Australia immigration detainees dig tunnel in failed escape plot

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Brisbane, Australia Detainees at an immigration center in Australia spent five months digging an escape tunnel hidden beneath a chest of drawers in one of their rooms, a source within the country's immigration syste...

Georgia middle school student, 11, jumped from school bus to escape bullying: father

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Dion Murphy told FOX5 Atlanta that older students have been bullying his son aboard the bus this school year. He said he watched video of the latest incident with the Youth Middle School principal on Friday. GEORGIA ...

Sports used to be an ‘escape,’ now its about ‘praising the wokest athletes’: Clay Travis

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HANNITY: WOKE FAR LEFT POLITICS INFILTRATE SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT CLAY TRAVIS: I’m just incredibly excited about this [negociar] because I know, like a lot of your audience, I’m a big-time sports fan and it used to be ...

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