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Michelle Beadle verduidelik hoekom LeBron James probeer het om haar by ESPN te laat ontslaan

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Praat met Paul Pierce tydens 'n poduitsending vir The Athletic, Beadle het gesê dat LeBron so beledig was deur haar grappies oor sy 'Besluit' dat hy probeer het om haar van haar werk te ontslaan. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTSCOEF...

Sonne’ Robert Sarver, Uitvoerende hoof het ESPN-verslag gekap wat skrynende bewerings uiteensit: 'Ek weet skaars waar om te begin’

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Sarver en Rowley het ESPN se Baxter Holmes uitgeroep, die skrywer van die verslag wat bewerings van huidige en voormalige Suns-werknemers in dosyne onderhoude uiteengesit het oor bestuurders wat 'n giftige omgewing bevorder..

Allison Williams leaving ESPN over COVID vaccine mandate

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Williams said last month she was advised by her doctor to forgo getting the coronavirus vaccine because she was trying to get pregnant. She said the decision to skip the vaccine sidelined her from working college foo...

Eksklusief: ESPN to debut its first all-women baseball broadcast

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Melanie Newman and Jessica Mendoza aren't done making history. The two sports announcers will be ESPN's first all-woman broadcast team for a nationally televised Major League Baseball game on S...

ESPN considering Elle Duncan, Michael Eaves to host ‘NBA Countdown

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ESPN airs NBA games on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so Eaves and Duncan could even split days as hosts. Stephen A. Smith has also hosted one night of NBA pregame coverage per week since 2019. KLIK HY ...

US Marine mom holds up ‘I don’t kneelsign during ESPN show

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"College Gameday" usually features fans’ signs prominently and most of them are clever – either proclaiming their team is the best or taking a joking jab at a rival. But one woman’s sign was no joke. KLIK HIER VIR M ...

ESPN star likens 49ersQB situation to chess, says ‘go figureblack pieces ‘always go second

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ESPN’s Max Kellerman said on the broadcast’s flagship show "First Take" said Monday that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan should be cautious about the possibility of rotating quarterbacks during the game and compared to the...

ESPN analyst goes off on Cam Newton for ‘body shamingrookie QB

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The ESPN personality and former Jets linebacker had a passionate response to Patriots quarterback Cam Newton’s nickname for rookie quarterback Mac Jones — a.k.a. "Mac and Cheese." Newton revealed the unofficial nickn...

Kansas senator calls on DOJ to investigate role ESPN played in Texas, Oklahoma move to SEC

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Sy. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday raising concerns about ESPN’s role in UT’s and OU’s conference shift out of the Big 12. Marshall noted that the schools we...

Robert Griffin III is close to signing with ESPN

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Griffin still wants to play football and remains hopeful that he can return to the NFL. Maar vir eers, it appears he will move to a broadcasting role until then. It remains possible that an NFL team could call Griffin ...

AAC’s Aresco: Did not plot with ESPN to poach other leagues

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Aresco addressed conference realignment Wednesday during the AAC’s virtual football media day, saying the league is not actively looking to add schools. "Our conference has never strategically aligned or plotted with...

ESPN-skrywer verontrus deur Amerikaanse vlag op die Olimpiese Spele: ‘Ek dink aan die Capitol-onluste’

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Liberaal "Onoorwonne" skriba William Rhoden gesê op "CBS vanoggend" dat hy gedurende sy lang loopbaan daarvan gehou het om die Olimpiese Spele te dek, maar dat hy anders gevoel het 2021. "Ek hou van die openingseremonies, optog van lande ....

Peyton Manning teams up with brother, ESPN for MNF MegaCast

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Walt Disney Company announced on Monday a partnership with Manning and his Omaha Productions company in which Peyton and Eli Manning will be part of a "Maandagaand Sokker" MegaCast for 10 games a year the next thr...

ESPN to host town hall to address accusations that it mistreats black employees

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As first reported by the Hollywood Reporter, ESPN chairman Jimmy Pitaro emailed his staff about steps the company has made "to improve the experiences of black employees at ESPN." Pitaro, who is the most powerful per...

‘Media Buzz’ on Trump’s lawsuit against media giants, ESPN benching top host

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HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NUUSGASheer (op kamera): Donald Trump may or may not have legal success in going after Twitter and Facebook but I'll tell you this. His continued banishment by the social media giants is an absolute o...

Clay Travis hits back at Jemele Hill: ESPN lost its way by following left-wing Twitter debates

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"I sometimes feel that people become captured by social media," Travis told "Die Brian Kilmeade-skou." Travis said only about 10% of the population actually uses Twitter. He argued Twitter is giving media pundits, pu...

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