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AAC’s Aresco: Did not plot with ESPN to poach other leagues

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Aresco addressed conference realignment Wednesday during the AAC’s virtual football media day, saying the league is not actively looking to add schools. "Our conference has never strategically aligned or plotted with...

ESPN writer troubled by American flag at Olympics: ‘I keep thinking back on the Capitol riots

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Liberal "Undefeated" scribe William Rhoden said on "今朝のCBS" that he had enjoyed covering the Olympics during his long career but felt differently in 2021. "I love the opening ceremonies, march of countries....

Peyton Manning teams up with brother, ESPN for MNF MegaCast

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Walt Disney Company announced on Monday a partnership with Manning and his Omaha Productions company in which Peyton and Eli Manning will be part of a "マンデーナイトフットボール" MegaCast for 10 games a year the next thr...


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ハリウッドレポーターによって最初に報告されたように, ESPNの会長であるジミーピタロは、会社が行った手順についてスタッフにメールを送りました "ESPNの黒人従業員の体験を向上させるため。" ピタロ, 誰が最も強力です。.

「メディアバズ’ on Trump’s lawsuit against media giants, ESPN benching top host

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ハワード・カーツ, FOXニュースホスト (カメラで): Donald Trump may or may not have legal success in going after Twitter and Facebook but I'll tell you this. His continued banishment by the social media giants is an absolute o...

クレイ・トラヴィスがイェメル・ヒルに反撃: ESPNは、左翼のTwitterの議論をフォローすることで道に迷いました

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"ソーシャルメディアに捕らえられると感じることもあります," トラビスは言った "ブライアンキルミードショー。" トラビスはについてだけ言った 10% 人口の実際にTwitterを使用しています. 彼はTwitterがメディアの専門家を与えていると主張した, たぶん......だろう...

クレイ・トラヴィス: When woke collides with woke, you get the ESPN mess

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"I guarantee Jimmy Pitaro is on the phone at ESPN right now. He’s underneath his desk. He’s got his helmet on. There are woke Woj bombs landing everywhere. The whole place is in a uproar," OutKick founder Clay Travis...

Stephen Jackson says ESPN gave Maria Taylor a ‘sympathyjob to placate Black Lives Matter

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The story came about after The New York Times on Sunday made public a leaked audio recording of Nichols, who failed to turn off her video camera following a live broadcast on the network. その他のスポーツについてはこちらをクリックしてください...


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爆発的なニューヨークタイムズの物語で, ビデオからのオーディオクリップは、マリアテイラーが昨年NBAファイナルの主催義務を与えられたことへの彼女の不満を表現しているニコルズを明らかにします, そして彼女の肌の色は低いと信じています。.


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フェニックスサンズは現在、 2-0 ウエスタンカンファレンスファイナルでロサンゼルスクリッパーズをリードする, ミルウォーキーバックスとアトランタホークスがゲームで二乗しました 1 水曜日のイースタンカンファレンスファイナルの。.

ネット’ ケビン・デュラントがESPNアナリストのジェイ・ウィリアムスをヤニス・アデトクンポの話で非難: 「これはfです—n’ 横たわる’

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彼が得点した爆発的な夜に続いて 32 バックスのトップを指す 125-86 に 2-0 シリーズがミルウォーキーをリード, デュラントは、ウィリアムズの回想を彼との会話で呼びかけているInstagramの投稿にコメントしました。 ...

Tim Tebow’s switch to tight end with Jaguars ‘a desperation move,’ ESPN star says

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Tebow had long been averse to switching his position. He had won a playoff game as a quarterback but was never able to become a starter in a quarterback role again in the NFL. He played for the Denver Broncos and New...

Alabama’s Najee Harris says ESPN draft expert can ‘kiss my a–‘

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Alabama’s Najee Harris made an appearance on "The Adam Schefter Podcast" 今週, and the ESPN NFL Insider read draft expert Todd McShay’s analysis of him, which included McShay saying that the running back showed ...

ポール・ピアース, ESPN part ways after Celtics great posts video with strippers

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複数の報告によると, the network decided to part ways with Pierce after he posted Instagram videos of himself smoking what looked to be marijuana while strippers were massaging him and dancing in the backgr...

ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez has died at 58

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Longtime ESPN reporter Pedro Gomez died "unexpectedly" Sunday at the age of 58, according to a statement from ESPN and Sports Content Chairman James Pitaro. "Pedro was an elite journalist at the highest level and h...

ESPN analyst apologizes to Patrick Mahomesmom during Monday Night Football

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No one has your back like mom does. Patrick Mahomes' mom, Randi, sure did during Monday Night Football when an ESPN analyst kept calling the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback "Pat" and not "Patrick." To make things cry...