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South Carolina’s Aliyah Boston turns down last-minute invite to ESPYs after uproar

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Boston expressed hurt, suggesting ESPN only changed its mind on the invite after concerns about her invitation went viral on social media. Boston was nominated for the best college athlete in women's sports, but the...

Everything you need to know about the 2022 ESPYS

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From the Winter Olympics to Tom Brady's unretirement, it's been a wild year in sports. And this year's ESPYS will highlight just that. The ESPYS, ESPN's annual awards show celebrating the year in sports, is set to a...

South Carolina’s Dawn Staley chides ESPN for not inviting Aliyah Boston to ESPYs

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Staley chided ESPN for not extending an invite to Boston, who helped the Gamecocks to a championship in 2022, won the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player, won the Naismith College Player of the Year, won the John...

Star UConn guard Paige Bueckers uses ESPYS speech to honor Black women

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Paige Bueckers, the star point guard for the University of Connecticut women's basketball team, was named the best college athlete in women's sports at the 2021 ESPYS on Saturday night and used her acceptance speech...