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ISIS terror threat forces US military to establish alternate routes to Kabul airport

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The US military is establishing "alternative routes" to Kabul airport because of a threat the terror group ISIS-K poses to the airport and its surroundings, as President Joe Biden met with senior officials Saturday ...

Pelosi announces the House will establish a select committee to investigate Capitol riot

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday she will create a select committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol after Republicans blocked the formation of an independent commission. The select co...

Utah Sen. Mike Lee blocks votes to establish Smithsonian museums for Latinos and women

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Washington Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah on Thursday blocked consideration for legislation to establish a National Museum of the American Latino and an American Women's History Museum as part of the Smithsonian In...

Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain to establish ‘full diplomatic relations,’ Trump says

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President Donald Trump announced that Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain have agreed to the "establishment of full diplomatic relations," in a joint statement tweeted out by the President on Friday. The announcement...