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Spanish PM urges European leaders to treat COVID-19 as an ‘endemic’ enfermedad, track it like the flu

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"I believe that we have the conditions for, with precaution, slowly, opening the debate at the technical level and at the level of health professionals, but also at the European level, to start evaluating the evoluti...

More European countries order mandatory vaccination to battle Omicron wave

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Anyone over 50 living in Italy must be vaccinated against Covid-19, under strict new rules introduced by the government. The mandatory measure was introduced amid rising cases in the country, which was one of the f...

Arrival of Russian Wagner mercenaries in Mali condemned by European governments

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Sixteen European governments have issued a statement to "firmly condemn the deployment of mercenary troops" in the west African state of Mali. los 16 gobiernos, including France, el Reino Unido, Italy and Germ...

nosotros, Los aliados europeos suenan pesimistas cuando se rompen las conversaciones nucleares de Irán en Viena

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Funcionarios estadounidenses y europeos emitieron una nota pesimista el viernes cuando concluyó la última ronda de conversaciones para reactivar el acuerdo nuclear con Irán., diciendo que las demandas maximalistas de Teherán y el impulso para relajarse previamente acordado p ...

Rory McIlroy rips shirt after disastrous finish at European Tour finale

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McIlroy, 32, entered Sunday’s round with a one-shot lead and was looking for back-to-back titles after a first-place finish at the CJ CUP last month but a chip onto the green at the 15th hole began his downward slide...

Biden and European allies facing Iran conundrum at the G20

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President Joe Biden and three of his European allies face a complicated conundrum over how they will move forward on their approach with Iran on Saturday, having to decide whether to apply new sanctions as Tehran co...

Líderes italianos recibirán a Biden en el primer día de viaje a la cumbre europea

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El presidente Joe Biden se reunirá el viernes con el presidente y primer ministro de Italia en Roma en el primer día de su segundo gran viaje al extranjero desde que asumió el cargo.. Biden primero mantendrá una reunión bilateral con Italia..

Biden takes no questions on reconciliation speech before jetting off on European trip: ‘I’ll see you in Rome

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Biden revealed a new framework for the reconciliation bill and shared his hope to quickly pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. sin embargo, several progressives, including House Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramila ...

Kamala Harris denounces European explorers for ushering in ‘wave of devastationfor Native Americans

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"Ya que 1934, every October, the United States has recognized the voyage of the European explorers who first landed on the shores of the Americas," said Harris. "But that is not the whole story. That has never been th...

Dismissing Catholic abuse victims’ demanda judicial, ECHR rules Vatican cannot be sued in European courts

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The Vatican cannot be sued in European courts because it is a sovereign state, el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos (ECHR) ruled Tuesday in dismissing a suit from survivors of abuse by Catholic clergy. It was the ECHR...

Rusia responsable del asesinato de Alexander Litvinenko, Reglas de la corte europea

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Rusia fue responsable del asesinato de Alexander Litvinenko, un ex agente ruso convertido en crítico del Kremlin que murió en Londres por envenenamiento con polonio en 2006, el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos (ECHR) dijo el martes. El rul ...

Greece extends border wall amid European fears of Afghan migrant wave

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Reuters reported that the 40km fence is accompanied by a new automatic electronic monitoring system to stop migrants who might be coming through Turkey in the coming months. FRANCE'S MACRON PROMISES ‘ROBUST’ EU RESPO...

Rick Perry: The country that will hold the European Union hostage with energy just got the green light

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RICK PERRY: It is stunning, Sean, to see how fast we went from energy independence to now reliant on countries like Iran to get our energy. Sabes, I didn’t think there could ever be anyone that would make me think...

Belarus floods the European Union with migrants, taking a page out of Putin’s playbook

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Near Poškonys, Lithuania-Belarus border Desperate, frightened and begging for help, they emerge from the darkness: a group of Yazidi migrants, lost in the forests of eastern Europe. It's a surreal sight -- and one t...

Richard Grenell: Germany’s Angela Merkel and the tragic evolution of the Western European alliance

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I was with Chancellor Merkel when President Trump gave her a private tour of his White House residence in 2018. I saw how President Trump used humor and facts to present her with the American people’s frustration tha...

Italy crowned European champion after beating England on penalties

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Estadio de wembley, London On a night fraught with tension and hope, Italy clinched its first major title for 15 years with a penalty shootout win over England in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium. Luke Shaw's goal...

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