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Europe’s coronavirus curfews and lockdowns at a glance

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close Video New coronavirus variant could fuel spike in cases across US FOX News correspondent Jonathan Serrie has the latest from Atlanta on 'Special Report' Across Europe and beyond, countries have a patchwor...

2020 deur die oë van Europa se ‘ongesiene’ sleutelwerkers

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In Maart 2020, Europa se dorpe, stede en lughawens het tot stilstand gekom toe die eerste vlaag Covid-19 inwoners binnenshuis gestuur het. In die volgende maande, baie mense het van die huis af begin werk. Maar te midde van die chaos en onsekerheid ...

London Heathrow no longer Europe’s busiest airport

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close Video NYC sets up quarantine checkpoints to screen travelers entering city from COVID-19 hotspots Checkpoints at New York City bridges, tunnels and train stations will remind travelers entering the city fro...

Europe’s coronavirus cases continue to spike amid growing calls for second lockdown

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close Video Violence erupts in Italy over new coronavirus lockdowns Violent protests erupted in Italy over new coronavirus lockdown restrictions to curb spiking cases. Amy Kellogg reports. The surge of coronavi...

Europe’s clocks are going back. Here’s how to stay positive as the nights draw in

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The clocks are turning back one hour across Europe at 2am on Sunday October 25, giving everyone across the continent an extra hour in bed, and signaling the start of winter. In the UK the clock change signals the en...

Belgium’s new Deputy Prime Minister is Europe’s most senior transgender politician

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After nearly two years without a fully formed government, Belgium has a new governing coalition -- and its new Deputy Prime Minister is now Europe's most senior transgender politician. Petra De Sutter of the Flemish...

These three women stood up to Europe’s longest-serving dictator. Here’s what happened to them

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Five weeks have passed since Belarus learned the results of its presidential election, in which the country's Central Election Commission announced that President Alexander Lukashenko, often described as Europe's la...