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Ukraine declares ‘combat missionover in Mariupol amid evacuation

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Ukrainian forces have completed their "combat mission" in the besieged city of Mariupol, according to a statement by the country's military. Commanders of units stationed at the city's massive Azovstal steelworks pl...

A Canadian town is under evacuation after breakaway ice causes flooding

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An evacuation order is in place for a Canadian town in the Northwest Territories due to heavy flooding. Residents of Hay River, on the south side of Great Slave Lake, have been ordered to leave and find shelter, akk ...

Parachute demonstration at Nationals game triggers false alarm evacuation at US Capitol

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Washington A military parachute event featuring the Army Golden Knights at Washington's Nationals Park Wednesday night inadvertently triggered a "probable threat" warning at the US Capitol and prompted an evacuation ...

Russia continues to strike eastern Ukraine as officials call for evacuation of Mariupol

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Kharkiv and Kramatorsk came under further attack, and Russia also said it had struck areas around Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro. Explosions were heard in the southern city of Mykolaiv and a hospital was reported to have be...

Ukrainian marine commander makes last-ditch plea for evacuation from Mariupol

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"This is our appeal to the world … we are probably facing our last days, if not hours," Major Serhiy Volyna, commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade said in a video posted on Facebook, according to a translatio...

Parts of New Mexico under evacuation orders as McBride Fire grows to more than 6,000 hektaar

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The deadly McBride Fire in southern New Mexico grew to more than 6,100 acres Saturday and evacuation orders remained in place in several areas, amptenare gesê. Die brand, burning in Lincoln County, started four days...

Colorado wildfire near Boulder prompts evacuation for 8,000 huise

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A wildfire near Boulder, Colorado, prompted an evacuation warning for nearly 20,000 people Saturday evening. "Evacuation areas include 19,000 people and 8,000 huise," the Boulder Office of Emergency Management tweet...

Evacuation orders in place as blazes burn through parts of central Texas

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Evacuation orders were in place across parts of several central Texas counties late Thursday as crews worked to contain the flames in dangerous fire weather -- fueled by strong winds and dry conditions. The wildfir...

Florida wildfires force evacuation of 1,100 homes as firefighters battle blazes

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There were at least 160 wildfires burning more than 18,500 acres across the state, the Florida Forest Service (FSS) said Monday evening. The Bertha Swamp Road fire, the largest of the blazes, was estimated at more th...

Evacuation attempt of Ukrainian port city fails for second time

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Ukrainian authorities had planned to evacuate 200,000 people from the city of about 400,000, Reuters berig. A member of the Azov Regiment of the National Guard told Ukraine 24 that Russian forces encircled the por...

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Die Verenigde State het beveel dat die meeste van sy ambassadepersoneel in die Oekraïne ontruim word, aangesien vrese toeneem dat 'n Russiese inval in die land in die volgende paar dae kan plaasvind. [object Window].

GOP lawmakers demand greater oversight of chaotic Afghanistan evacuation

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GOP Reps. Jong Kim van Kalifornië, Elise Stefanik of New York and Michael McCaul of Texas are introducing legislation known as the RESCUES Act to establish more congressional oversight of the management of private Af...

Democratic senator calls on Biden to appoint Afghanistan ‘evacuation czar

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Demokratiese sen. Richard Blumenthal called on President Joe Biden to appoint an "evacuation czar" to lead efforts to bring thousands of at-risk Afghans to safety amid reports of targeted assassinations by the Taliban...

Ontruimingsbevele is in Colorado uitgereik terwyl veldbrande naby Rocky Mountain Nasionale Park brand

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’n Veldbrand wat Dinsdag in Colorado ontstaan ​​het, het vinnig gegroei, ontruimings in die dorp Estes Park veroorsaak, naby Rocky Mountain Nasionale Park. Die Krugerrotsbrand is net tevore aangemeld 7 am. en gegroei ...

US envoy for Afghanistan is expected to step down following chaotic evacuation

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The Biden administration is expected to announce that its top envoy for Afghanistan is going to step down, according to two sources who have been told about the State Department's plans in recent days. Ambassador Z...

Americans among more than 350 passengers who departed Kabul on evacuation flight Sunday

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One of the largest evacuation flights departed Kabul on Sunday with an unknown number of Americans on board and is on its way to Doha, a senior Qatari government official tells CNN. The ninth evacuation flight from ...

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