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A South Dakota wildfire forced hundreds of evacuations while other blazes shut down Mount Rushmore

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A wildfire burning near the outskirts of Rapid City, Suid-Dakota, has forced the evacuation of 400 aan 500 huise, officials said Monday. The Schroeder Fire, burning in Pennington County, just a mile west of Rapid Ci...

Ontruimings wat as dam op die Hawaise eiland Maui bestel is, loop gevaar om te misluk

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'N Dam op die Hawaise eiland Maui is in die dreigende gevaar van mislukking en 'n ontruimingsbevel is uitgereik vir inwoners "stroomaf van die Kaupakaluadam in Haiku," volgens die Hawaii Emergency Management Agenc ...

San Diego County wildfire prompts evacuations at Camp Pendleton and nearby area

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A wildfire in northern San Diego County has scorched 500 acres and prompted mandatory evacuations, according to Cal Fire. Camp Pendleton issued a mandatory evacuation for DeLuz Housing, Wounded Warrior Battalion a...

Super typhoon Goni makes two landfalls in the Philippines after mass evacuations

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A super typhoon has barreled into the southern part of the Philippines' main island of Luzon on Sunday, bringing "catastrophic" violent winds and intense rain with two landfalls so far, the country's weather bureau s...

Colorado’s East Troublesome Fire is growing rapidly and forcing evacuations

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Grand County, Colorado, officials issued mandatory evacuations in response to the East Troublesome Fire -- a powerful blaze that's been exacerbated by windy and dry weather conditions and intensified significantly i...

Evacuations ordered in Colorado and Utah as crews battle new blazes

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Blazes roaring through Colorado and Utah have pushed people from their homes and caused damage that officials have not yet been able to assess. Two wildfires are believed to have broken out in Utah on Saturday, burn...

2 new California wildfires burn nearly 10,000 acres in a day and force evacuations

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Two new wildfires grew by nearly 10,000 acres in a day in California, waar meer as 3.6 million acres have burned this year. Fueled by dry conditions and high winds, the Zogg Fire in Shasta County and the Glass Fi...