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Chris Pratt announces ‘better Chrisvictories over Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Pratt appears to have won the latest round in the battle over which Chris is the best Hollywood Chris. Il "Guardiani della Galassia" star took to social media Monday to share about his winning record in a cha...

Chris Evans to voice Buzz Lightyear in new Pixar movie

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Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear. Il "Captain America" star will voice "the original Buzz Lightyear" in a new Pixar film, "Lightyear," the studio announced on Twitter. The new film will explore the life of the "Toy St...

Chris Evans uses that NSFW pic for a patriotic purpose

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This is one of those stories that you are going to have to use Google to get the full picture. Here's what we can say: Durante il fine settimana, Chris Evans appeared to accidentally leak a not suitable for work photo on hi...