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Questa implacabile stagione degli uragani atlantici ha messo in allerta quasi ogni miglio di costa dal Texas al Maine

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Le persone lungo quasi ogni miglio di costa dal Texas al Maine sono state messe in allerta durante la stagione degli uragani dell'Atlantico, come 12 di 29 le tempeste sono sbarcate negli Stati Uniti in questo anno da record. "Ogni miglio o ...

Every mayor of this small community since its founding has been a dog. The latest is a French bulldog

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It was a tight race. But the people of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, ho parlato -- the next mayor will be a 6-month-old French bulldog named Wilbur Beast. Lady Stone, a border collier who serves as the town's ambassador,...

Utah sent every phone in the state an emergency alert warning about rapidly rising Covid-19 cases and overwhelmed hospitals

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The alarming alert was sent to everyone in Utah who had a phone capable of receiving one: the state has reached a record number of Covid-19 cases, and it was time to get serious. "State of Utah: COVID-19 is spreadin...

Un bulldog francese indossa un costume di Halloween diverso ogni giorno questo mese

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C'è un cane in Texas che stupisce più di 13,000 follower su Instagram con i suoi costumi di Halloween. Rospo, conosciuto con il suo manico Goodboy.Toad, sta deliziando i fan con # toads31daysofhalloween, un hashtag le persone possono seguire ...

*Every* election model shows Trump has almost no chance

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Se la 2020 election happened today, President Donald Trump would have, nella migliore delle ipotesi, un 1 nel 5 chance of beating former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the three major models predicting the outcome. Quella 21% chanc...

An entire village lost its broadband at the same time every day for 18 mesi. Now we know why

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Per 18 mesi, residents of a village in Wales have been mystified as to why their broadband internet crashed every morning. Now engineers have finally identified the reason: A second-hand television that emitted a...

A record one person in every 1,500 in Japan is aged at least 100 — and they’re probably a woman

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Quasi 1 nel 1,500 people in Japan is now aged 100 o più vecchio, new data from the Japanese government shows. Figures from Japan's Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry show the number of centenarians went above 80,000 per ...

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