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Alabama’s Nick Saban turns his attention to defense after close win: ‘Everybody’s gotta be disciplined

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The Crimson Tide, in one of the toughest games the team has played in the regular season in years, allowed the Gators to get 440 total yards in the game, incluso 245 yards on the ground. Alabama managed to hang on ...

New Yorkers react to Biden’s vaccine mandate: ‘It’s going against everybody’s will

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The individuals that Fox News Digital spoke with in Manhattan were largely split on the announcement, despite nearly 70% of New York County residents being vaccinated with at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. ...

Tennessee sheriff on Summer Wells: ‘Everybody’s still a suspect, persona de interés, however you wanna put it’

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Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said in a newly released video that his department is still actively working to find the missing girl. "I understand people’s curiosity about where we’re at in the case, as far as...