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China’s cyber power ‘exaggerated,’ at least decade behind US, new study says

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The Financial Times, citing the study, reported that IISS estimated that China is—at the minimum—10- years from competing with the U.S., largely due to lingering security issues. The report said Beijing has demonstra...

CDC risk of coronavirus transmission outdoors greatly exaggerated, bombshell report finds

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The CDC has cited the estimate to back up its recommendation that vaccinated individuals do away with masks in certain outdoor situations, but should keep wearing masks during others. According to the Times, la 10% ...

She lost her dad and uncle to coronavirus. Trump’s claim that the virus is exaggerated is an insult, ella dice

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Most New Year's Days, Rosa Cerna would be celebrating the birthdays of her dad and uncle -- brothers born exactly one year apart. Este año, she mourned them both at a cemetery in Simi Valley, California. Visiting ...

US surgeon general: ‘No reason to doubtCovid-19 death toll number after Trump claims deaths ‘exaggerated

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Washington US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams on Sunday said he has "no reason to doubt" the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Covid-19 death toll, contradicting President Donald Trump's claim that the...