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Oud-CDC Direkteur Vrede: Kanselleer danksegging? Geen, maar ons moet hierdie moeilike keuses maak om veilig te bly

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close Video Capitol Hill on edge as more lawmakers test positive for COVID-19 Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram has the latest on 'Special Report' For many people, this will be very different Th...

Ex-CDC Chief Frieden: Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis – no one is safe

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close Video Trump announces he and the first lady have tested positive for coronavirus Early on Friday morning, America learned the news that President Trump and first lady Melania have tested positive for the...

Coronavirus pandemic won’t have a ‘fairy tale endingeven with a vaccine, ex-CDC director warns

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close Video Former CDC director: COVID pandemic has no fairy tale ending Dr. Tom Frieden discusses the spike in coronavirus cases in Europe. The coronavirus is still out there "and any time we are not careful, ...