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The Indy 500’s most exciting finishes

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The race has been decided by less than one second 10 times since 1982, a far cry from the 13-minute, 8.40-second lead Jules Goux enjoyed in 1913. Here are the three closest finishes: 3. 2006: Sam Hornish Jr. over Ma...

‘Sex and the City’ star John Corbett reveals he will return for series reboot: ‘Very exciting

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"Sexo y la ciudad" star John Corbett revealed to Page Six that he will reprise his role of Carrie Bradshaw’s ex-fiancé, Aidan Shaw, in the hotly anticipated show reboot. "I’m going to do the show," he told us in a ne...

Sotomayor: ‘This is the scariest of times, and the most exciting times

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor emerged from pandemic-inspired unofficial quarantine on Wednesday to talk about turbulent times in the country. "This is the scariest of times, and the most exciting times," ella dijo. The l...

Getting the Covid-19 vaccine was emotional yet exciting for these healthcare workers

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An otherwise stoic emergency room physician found himself overcome with emotion as he got the Covid-19 vaccine this week. After months of treating patients ravaged by Covid-19, as well as the those who had car accid...