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An ‘exhaustedTrump’s long path to coronavirus

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Washington When President Donald Trump stepped into the dining room of his golf club in New Jersey on Thursday, high-dollar attendees gathered for a fundraiser there thought he seemed a little off. Subdued from a wee...

Climate change is making baby sharks smaller, undernourished and exhausted

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Baby sharks are being born smaller, undernourished and exhausted as climate change warms the world's oceans, sê navorsers. Researchers examined the effects of warming temperatures on the growth, development and p...

'N Uitgeputte verpleegster van Texas ICU sê dat sy bang is vir 'n einde aan die maskeringsmandaat van die staat

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Brittany Smart het maande lank die Covid-19-pasiënte bestee wat in Texas-hospitale gestort het terwyl die virus in die staat gewoed het. -- en die land. Dit was verwoestend, het die ICU-verpleegster aan Chris Cuomo van CNN gesê..

Kelley Paul ‘exhausted and angrythat those who harassed her and her husband face no charges

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In a pair of tweets Tuesday, Paul recounted the times she and her husband were targeted – yet authorities took no action against the culprits. She referenced the time a "Republican-hating woman" called Sen. Paul’s ...