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Natalie Morales announces exit from NBC News

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The journalist announced the news on Friday, explaining that she plans to pursue "a new adventure," per l'uscita. Morales, 49, did not share what was on the docket for her in the future. According to NBC, she will...

Passenger on plane arriving at Miami airport opens emergency exit, walks onto wing

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A passenger on a flight from Colombia used an emergency exit and walked out onto the wing of the plane at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening, Miami-Dade Police said. The plane had just landed and ...

Mike Pompeo calls out Biden following an arbitrary deadline for Afghanistan exit

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MIKE POMPEO: It’s unimaginable, Sean, that we would have permitted this to happen. We were serious about protecting Americans—not only our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines but our diplomats, our Intelligence off...

Lara Logan calls out ‘shame of betrayal’ from Afghan exit

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MILLEY SAYS RESIGNING WOULD BE ‘INCREDIBLE ACT OF POLITICAL DEFIANCE,' UNDER COTTON PRESSURE Lara Logan: I didn't hear an apology to all the American servicemen, the veterans and the active duty soldiers who have lit...

GOP senator urges Biden to ‘stop making excuses’ on Afghan exit

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MILLEY, MCKENZIE DICE CHE HANNO RACCOMANDATO 2,500 TROOPS STAY IN AFGHANISTAN AFTER BIDEN CLAIMS HE WAS NEVER TOLD Deb Fischer: I respond by saying we can disagree on if we should have ever been in Afghanistan. We can disagree...

Two American siblings allowed to return from China after three years following lifting of exit ban

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Two American siblings prevented from leaving China since 2018 have now been allowed to travel back to the United States. Nel mese di giugno 2018, Chinese authorities imposed an "exit ban" on Victor and Cynthia Liu, both Americ...

Mayim Bialik’s ‘Jeopardy!’ goal is to maintain the integrity of the show following Mike Richards’ Uscita

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Besides starting production on a new season of Fox's sitcom "Call Me Kat," Bialik was recalled to duty as a "Pericolo!" guest host — the result of the quiz show's publicly messy effort to replace the late Alex Trebek...

Biden approval ratings keep slipping in wake of Afghanistan exit, COVID surge: sondaggio

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Facing a barrage of bipartisan criticism for a month over his handling of the turbulent U.S. withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, and with an ongoing surge in new COVID cases due to the spread across the count...

Obama CIA chief says Biden’s Afghanistan exit ‘absolutely inspiredjihadists, emboldened Al Qaeda

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Morell, who twice served as acting director of the CIA under the Obama-Biden administration and was considered a frontrunner to then-President-elect Joe Biden's for the same position, told CBS' "Face the Nation on Su...

Lt. Col. Coleman: Afghanistan exit flight was ‘unlike anything I’ve ever seen

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"I guess the best way to describe it was apocalyptic," Coleman said of the rainy night. "It was unlike anything I had ever seen." MANDER WHO LED FINAL FLIGHTS OUT OF KABUL DESCRIBES HIS ‘SURREAL’ EXPERIENCE ON ‘AMERI...

Gen. Petraeus: Afghanistan facing ‘very uncertain futureafter US exit

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GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS: We withdrew, and I think we'll have to see whether we actually, citazione, ended 20 years of war or if the endless war will continue. It's still not clear whether there will be some kind of civil war...

Former Afghan president explains abrupt exit from country amid Taliban takeover

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Ghani said in a statement Wednesday that he had left at the "urging of the palace security" who had advised him that "to remain risked setting off the same horrific street-to-street fighting the city had suffered dur...

Suo. Hagerty picks up ‘shockfrom US allies over Biden’s Afghanistan exit

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The former U.S. ambassador to Japan made the comments after going to the United Kingdom on Friday and on Saturday to Brussels, Belgio, where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is headquartered, in un effo ...

Biden’s standing among Americans nosedives in wake of rocky Afghanistan exit, COVID surge

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Facing a barrage of bipartisan criticism for weeks over his handling of the turbulent U.S. withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, and with a surge in new COVID cases due to the spread across the country this sum...

Afghan Interpreter Who Helped Rescue Biden in 2008 Left Behind After U.S. Exit

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"Hello Mr. Presidente: Save me and my family," Mohammed, who asked not to use his full name while in hiding, told The Wall Street Journal as the last Americans flew out of Kabul on Monday. "Don’t forget me here." Moha...

Reps. Scalare, Albero: L'uscita di Biden dall'Afghanistan è una vergogna ed è uno dei tanti disastri evitabili

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Questa settimana, Il presidente Biden e i suoi colleghi democratici al Congresso hanno dato la priorità a speronare i loro $ 3.5 trilioni di tasse e spese folli invece di concentrare tutte le loro energie sul salvataggio di ogni americano che hanno strangolato..