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Biden approval ratings keep slipping in wake of Afghanistan exit, COVIDサージ: 投票

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Facing a barrage of bipartisan criticism for a month over his handling of the turbulent U.S. アフガニスタンからの撤退と避難, and with an ongoing surge in new COVID cases due to the spread across the count...

Obama CIA chief says Biden’s Afghanistan exit ‘absolutely inspiredjihadists, emboldened Al Qaeda

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Morell, who twice served as acting director of the CIA under the Obama-Biden administration and was considered a frontrunner to then-President-elect Joe Biden's for the same position, told CBS' "Face the Nation on Su...

Lt. 大佐. コールマン: Afghanistan exit flight was ‘unlike anything I’ve ever seen

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"I guess the best way to describe it was apocalyptic," Coleman said of the rainy night. "It was unlike anything I had ever seen." MANDER WHO LED FINAL FLIGHTS OUT OF KABUL DESCRIBES HIS ‘SURREAL’ EXPERIENCE ON ‘AMERI...

遺伝子. Petraeus: Afghanistan facing ‘very uncertain futureafter US exit

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GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS: We withdrew, and I think we'll have to see whether we actually, 見積もり, 終了しました 20 years of war or if the endless war will continue. It's still not clear whether there will be some kind of civil war...


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ガニーは水曜日の声明で、彼は "宮殿の安全を促す" 彼にそのことを忠告した人 "街が苦しんでいたのと同じ恐ろしい通りから通りへの戦いを始める危険を冒したままでいること。.

その. Hagerty picks up ‘shockfrom US allies over Biden’s Afghanistan exit

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The former U.S. ambassador to Japan made the comments after going to the United Kingdom on Friday and on Saturday to Brussels, ベルギー, where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is headquartered, 効果的に...

岩だらけのアフガニスタンの出口をきっかけに、アメリカ人のうなずきの中でバイデンが立っている, COVIDサージ

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激動の米国の彼の取り扱いについての数週間の超党派の批判の弾幕に直面している. アフガニスタンからの撤退と避難, そして、この合計が全国に広がったために、新しいCOVID症例が急増しました。.

Afghan Interpreter Who Helped Rescue Biden in 2008 Left Behind After U.S. Exit

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"Hello Mr. 大統領: Save me and my family," Mohammed, who asked not to use his full name while in hiding, told The Wall Street Journal as the last Americans flew out of Kabul on Monday. "Don’t forget me here." Moha...

担当者. スカリース, Mast: Biden’s Afghanistan exit is a disgrace and it’s one of many avoidable disasters

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今週, President Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress prioritized ramming through their $ 3.5 trillion tax and spending spree instead of focusing all their energy on rescuing every American that they stran...

Taliban commit ‘house-to-house executionsin Kabul after US exit as chilling audio demonstrates Afghans’ 恐れ

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An Afghan man who worked with Americans on the ground provided Fox News with the chilling audio featuring distant gunshots. "I think there's a conflict between the Taliban, I have no idea where I'm located. From ever...


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Lt. 大佐. スチュアート・シェラーは、ソーシャルメディアにビデオを投稿した後、解雇されました。そこで彼は、失敗した出口について軍の指導者を批判しました。. 映像で, 17年の海兵隊員, 満額年金をわずか3年恥ずかしがり屋, に言いました...

Marine fired for slamming military over Afghan exit issues warning to superiors

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"The baby boomer’s turn is over," Lt. 大佐. Stuart Scheller told The Post. "I demand accountability, at all levels. If we don’t get it, I’m bringing it." He also quoted Thomas Jefferson, 言って "every generation needs...

RuPaul volunteers to host ‘Jeopardy!’ after Mike Richards’ 出口

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ザ・ "RuPaul's Drag Race" host addressed the longtime game show's scandal while filling in for Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night on "ジミーキンメルライブ!" "そして最後に, 「ジェパディ!’ is still seeking a new host after producer ...

Kash Patel on Kabul attack: Taliban ‘dictating the termsto Biden of US exit from Afghanistan

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CLICK HERE FOR LATEST ON KABUL AIRPORT EXPLOSION KASH PATEL: I wish we were talking about something else other than the implosion of Afghanistan. You guys had a point that not many others are talking about. Isis-k … ...

米軍はタリバンの監視下で神経質なカブール出口に直面している, テロの脅威が迫っています

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当局は、人々を国外に連れ出し、安全を確保するために、締め切り前の最終日まで働く準備ができていると述べた。, タリバンが長期滞在とISの結果を脅かしている。.


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アフガニスタンのポップスターが彼女の国から逃げるという悲惨な話を共有しています. アリアナ・サイードと彼女の婚約者, Hasib Sayed, タリバンがアフガニスタンを乗っ取って話しかけたときに出て行った "ハリウッドへのアクセス" 彼らの経験について...