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Michigan State Police gryp stemmasjien terwyl dit ondersoek na moontlike oortredings wat daaraan gekoppel is, uitbrei 2020 verkiesing

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Die Michigan-staatspolisie het sy ondersoek uitgebrei na of derde partye ongemagtigde toegang tot stemmasjiendata verkry het ná die 2020 verkiesing, en ondersoek nou moontlike oortredings in ten minste een ...

Drought expands in the Southwest, worsening the region’s fire risk and water crisis

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Drought conditions worsened in much of the Southwest over the past week, according to the latest update from the US Drought Monitor, deepening the region's water crisis and fueling record-setting wildfires across mu...

White House expands ObamaCare again, fixing ‘family glitchand broadening subsidized plan eligibility

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The White House will be pushing forward an amendment to the program that will allow families with health insurance through an employer to receive financial assistance paying for the coverage. Under the proposed chang...

More Similac baby formula recalled as CDC investigation expands

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Abbott Nutrition is recalling some lots of Similac PM 60/40 powdered infant formula due to another report of a dangerous bacterial infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug ...

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[object Window], amptelik die Migrant Protection Protocols genoem (MPP), [object Window]. 19 [object Window], met migrante wat via die Brownsvill na Mexiko teruggestuur word..

Bob Dylan’s accuser expands time frame of alleged sexual abuse in 1965

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Die 68-jarige, who filed anonymously in August under the initials "J.C.," alleged the abuse took place over "etlike maande" in 1965 in plaas van "a six-week period," court documents revealed. The suit was amended la...

NCAA women’s basketball tournament expands to 68 teams

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The men's tournament expanded to 68 teams in 2011 with four first-round games traditionally played in Dayton, Ohio. The first four for the women's tournament will take place on t...

‘Eternalsexpands the Marvel universe with a messy, history-spanning origin saga

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Adapting a relatively obscure comic into a sprawling epic, "Ewiges" might be Marvel's boldest bet since "Guardians of the Galaxy," and that worked out. Whether this millennia-spanning tale of immortals hiding in p...

US Bicycle Route System expands with 2,903 miles of new cycling trails across 5 state

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In totaal, 18 new bicycle routes have been added to the national system, which measures 2,903 miles –the largest addition to date, according to the Adventure Cycling Association. The new routes are spread across Calif...

Australia expands Covid-19 lockdown as Sydney records its highest daily case count

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Australia's most populous state has expanded its Covid-19 lockdown to include a rural town and the coastal region of Byron Bay, as the city of Sydney recorded its highest daily case count since the beginning of the ...

Emergency shelter in Texas border city expands capacity as more COVID-positive migrants released

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Meer as 850 infected migrants have entered the facility after having been released into the city, amptenare gesê. The city announced Wednesday that it was setting up temporary emergency shelters in response to a "r ...

Biden administration expands access to refugee program for Afghans who worked with US

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The State Department announced Monday that it will expand access to the US refugee program for certain Afghans amid fears of reprisal by the Taliban as the US military withdrawal nears completion. The process of app...

China expands influence as it warns nations of ‘broken heads’ if they intervene

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"The Chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully, oppress or enslave us and anyone who attempts to do so will face broken heads and bloodshed in front of the iron Great Wall of the 1.4 billion...

Grammy-reëlverandering vergroot die geskiktheid vir album van die jaar-toekenning

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Die verandering kom te midde van 'n rits veranderinge aan hoe die Recording Academy potensiële wenners kies. Hierdie spesifieke verandering gee meer vervaardigers en liedjieskrywers 'n beter kans om die top-toekenning te wen, verminder die minimum...

Andrew Cuomo-ondersoek brei uit oor politisering van entstofverspreiding

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Die Wall Street Journal het Saterdag berig dat die staatsprokureur-generaal die ondersoek na die Cuomo-administrasie uitgebrei het of 'n Cuomo-adviseur toegang tot COVID-entstowwe verskaf het in ruil vir ondersteuning..

Manhattan DA expands criminal investigation into Trump Organization finances to include family compound in Westchester County

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The Manhattan district attorney's office has expanded its criminal investigation into the Trump Organization's finances to include the family's compound in Westchester County, according to lawyers and people familia...

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