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White House has told governors how many Afghan refugees they can expect to be resettled

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Washington The White House has informed governors about the number of Afghan refugees they can expect to be resettled in their states in coming weeks, an administration official told CNN Thursday. Former Delaware gov...

‘I didn’t expect to be here at all’: Emma Raducanu beats Belinda Bencic to reach US Open semifinals

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British teenager Emma Raducanu continued her sensational run at the US Open, beating Olympic gold medalist Belinda Bencic in straight sets to reach her first grand slam semifinal. The 18-year-old showed poise and co...

DHS, FBI expect foreign terrorist messaging to exploit 9/11 anniversary and Afghanistan withdrawal, intel bulletin says

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US intelligence officials are anticipating foreign terrorist organizations will seek to exploit the 20th anniversary of 9/11 y "probably the US withdrawal from Afghanistan" in their messaging, according to a FBI, ...

I didn’t expect a Nicolas Cage movie to be the voice of this moment. I was wrong

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Sara Stewart is a film and culture writer who lives in western Pennsylvania. The views expressed here are solely the author's own. View more opinion articles on CNN. The op-ed below contains spoilers for the movie "PAG...

No espere titulares en el juego Cowboys-Steelers Hall of Fame

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No encontrarás muchos, Si alguna, estrellas jugando el jueves por la noche cuando comienza la pretemporada de la NFL con Dallas jugando contra Pittsburgh. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Por supuesto, con el número de partidos de pretemporada reducido fr ...

Joe Concha: Democrats expect and receive soft media coverage

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Are Democratic lawmakers as thin-skinned as … Alec Baldwin? To answer that question, one must read journalist Julia Ioffe's compelling piece on PTSD, also known as Post Trump Stress Disorder, among journalists, whic...

Pete Hegseth shames DOJ, media for misinformation on Lego Capitol outrage: ‘Don’t expect many corrections’

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The media busted into hysteria after the FBI "confirmado" that a "fully constructed" Lego set of the Capitol Building was found in possession of 27-year-old substitute teacher Robert Morss only for the DOJ to announce...

Indians expect MLB wins leader Civale to be out with injury

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The major league leader with 10 gana, Civale left in the fifth inning of Monday night's win over the Chicago Cubs. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . The pitcher is scheduled to be examined by hand specialist...

What to expect when Harry heads back to London

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A version of this story appeared in the June 18 edition of CNN's Royal News, a weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on the royal family, what they are up to in public and what's happening behind palace walls...

What should Americans expect from Pentagon’s UFO report?

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En primer lugar, why the lying? Probably because the certain elements in the Pentagon have backed themselves in a corner. They spent such a long time and amount of energy trying to obfuscate the truth from the American ...

Blues informa un problema de pruebas de virus a la NHL, espera jugar avs

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El gerente general Doug Armstrong dijo que el equipo "Descubrió discrepancias en los resultados de las pruebas COVID relacionadas con varios jugadores." y estaba trabajando con la NHL para abordarlos. Ambos equipos esperaban jugar la segunda fase..

What to expect at the Oscars

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Amid a global pandemic, shuttered movie theaters and after a two-month delay, Sunday's 93rd Academy Awards are already poised to feel very different than previous years. The event will return to the Dolby Theatre, ...

Expect spring to be even drier out west, says NOAA

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Saturday marks the first day of astronomical spring and the outlook is grim for the western portion of the country, where drought conditions will persist. "Drier conditions in the Southwest US associated with La Niñ...

How to watch and what to expect at the Grammys tonight

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Host Trevor Noah says tonight's Grammys will be different due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but don't expect everyone to be on Zoom. While most of the show is being kept under wraps, here's what we do know. Queen Bey l...

Here are the states where you can expect to live the longest and shortest

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Good news for those living in the Aloha State: Hawaiians have the highest life expectancy in the nation, according to newly released data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers in the CDC's D...

Ford recibe una patente para un nuevo, mascarilla respiratoria transparente que esperan que sea tan efectiva como una N95

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Ford Motor Company es mejor conocida por sus autos, pero en la pandemia de Covid-19, el fabricante se está diversificando. Ford ha recibido la aprobación pendiente de patente para un nuevo, mascarilla respirador transparente, la empresa anunció el martes..

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