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Experts project increase in migrants at US-Mexico border as pandemic devastates Latin America

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Immigration experts are expecting an increase in the number of migrants journeying to the US-Mexico border in the coming months following the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Latin America. As coun...

There is no getting ‘back to normal,’ sê kenners. The sooner we accept that, the better

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Soos 2020 slides into and probably infects 2021, try to take heart in one discomfiting fact: Things are most likely never going "back to normal." It has become a well-worn phrase our politicians, amptenare, kundiges, e ...

Puberty in a pandemic? It’s not all bad news, sê kenners

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For many, the pandemic has scrambled any sense of passing time. Parents and pediatricians know better: Babies turn into toddlers, who turn into elementary school students, who eventually hit puberty. Kids grow up no...

Education Department’s child abuse outreach during Covid doesn’t go far enough, sê kenners

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Washington The US Department of Education's muted response to concerns about unreported child abuse in the age of virtual learning is fueling new distress among family welfare experts and advocates. The Education De...

Retired top general who advised Trump is among nearly 500 national security experts endorsing Biden

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Washington A former senior military adviser to President Donald Trump has endorsed Joe Biden for president. Afgetrede genl. Paul Selva, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is one of nearly 500 national...

California failed to pass a major police reform bill. Here’s what experts say that could mean for the rest of the nation

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Verlede week, California State Sen. Steven Bradford said he was confident that "the votes were there" for his proposed bill. SB 731, introduced in July, would have made it possible to strip badges of officers convicte...

It is highly unlikely that food is a source of Covid-19 contamination, sê kenners

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A team of experts on food contamination says it is highly unlikely that food is a source of Covid-19 transmission. The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) looked at the evid...

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