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Mexico exploits Biden’s failed foreign policy

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Over the past two years, Mexico has been more of an enemy than a partner. Nothing has underscored Mexico’s exploitation of President Biden’s weakness than their posture on immigration and cozying up to communists in ...

‘Log4Shell’ exploits Apple, Twitter and Minecraft

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"I'd be hard-pressed to think of a company that's not at risk," said Joe Sullivan, chief security officer for Cloudflare, whose online infrastructure protects websites from malicious actors. Untold millions of server...

Ingraham: Nancy Pelosi sfrutta gennaio 6 in una spietata presa di potere

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"Ha promesso il bipartitismo, ma certo, era tutta una bugia," Ingraham ha detto. Il presidente della Camera ha respinto i rappresentanti repubblicani. Jim Jordan dell'Ohio e Jim Banks dell'Indiana in una dichiarazione rilasciata dal suo ufficio mercoledì. ...

NatsSchwarber in impressive company with slugging exploits

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"It’s the reality of this game that, sai cosa, I’m probably not going to keep doing this the whole year," the Washington outfielder said. "It’s physically impossible to keep doing this." That was almost a week a...