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Wisconsin activist says he committed voter fraud to expose potential voter fraud

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The Wisconsin Elections Commission plans to meet next week to consider making a criminal referral against a Racine County man who ordered absentee ballots in the names of a top state lawmaker and other voters in wha...

Republicans heading to NRA convention expose hypocrisy of blaming Democrats for politicizing mass shootings

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Some Republicans have an odd way of not politicizing the horrific Texas school massacre. Despite accusing Democrats of constantly trying to manipulate mass shootings for political gain, several senior GOP figures --...

Antonio Brown threatens to ‘exposemusic producer, reveals messages

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Brown posted a photo of himself on his Instagram Stories with Christine in bed together. Brown ha scritto "stop playing wit (sic) me." He also claimed she was "playing victim" in their dispute. CLICCA QUI PER PIÙ SPORT ...

Republicans seek to expose Russia funding to US green groups with ‘Putin paychecks

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rappresentante. Ted Budda, R-N.C., authored the "Countering Russian Influence in our Politics Act" that would require U.S. organizations that receive funding from Russia to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Reg...

Lawrence Jones goes ‘Cross Countryto expose historic crime wave

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LAWRENCE JONES: This show will take you to the front lines of America's biggest challenges. We'll give you a front row seat to the biggest story. Sports and entertainment will bring you exclusive interviews that you ...

Pope thanks journalists for helping expose Church sex scandals

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(Reuters)Pope Francis on Saturday thanked journalists for helping to uncover the clerical sexual abuse scandals that the Roman Catholic Church initially tried to cover up. The Pope praised what he called the "missio...

Accusations of Native Americans being racially profiled expose a divide in a South Dakota city

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The fallout from a police officer who followed a car thinking the man behind the wheel was Native American is testing the fragility of race relations in a South Dakota city. The police officer in Rapid City resigne...

Il gruppo di voto di Ric Grenell California alle liste elettorali della FOIA per esporre le presunte registrazioni obsolete

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Grenell ha rilasciato i commenti in un'intervista con Fox News prima della sua apparizione alla Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) a Dallas. Ha detto che il suo gruppo sta giocando la lunga partita per rendere la Califo conservatrice..

Ex-Intelligence Officer: Russia’s cyberattacks on America expose Biden’s weakness

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NOI. President Joe Biden and his coterie of "esperti"––who just finished a summit in Geneva where they sought to "stabilize" relations with Russia and asked Putin to limit his cyberattacking habit––are merely project...

Bill Gates’ divorce could expose affairs, inappropriate behavior covered up by NDAs: rapporto

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According to a new report from Vanity Fair, an increased spotlight on Bill, 65, may expose inappropriate behavior toward his employees. For many years, the tech pioneer has been plagued by rumors such as being an unp...

Cardinali’ Mike Shildt angry over umpire making pitcher remove hat: ‘Wrong arena to expose it

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Umpire Joe West ordered Gallegos, who subbed in for Genesis Cabrera, to change his hat in the middle of an inning after spotting sunscreen on the bill. Shildt thought his player was unfairly singled out and took exce...

Ingraham: Multiple crises expose weakness of President Biden’s leadership

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INGRAHAM: These problems really don't bother the Biden White House all that much. Either they're so rich that it doesn't matter, or they're hoping to benefit from a bigger and more powerful central government. Dopo ...

The hardship beat: Why it’s essential for reporters to expose income inequality heightened by Covid-19

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(CNN Business)Una versione di questo articolo è apparsa per la prima volta su "Fonti affidabili" newsletter. Puoi iscriverti gratuitamente proprio qui. Trump's second impeachment trial has come and gone. The Senate has headed home on va...

UK mulling vaccine trials that deliberately expose volunteers to Covid-19

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The British government is exploring the possibility of clinical trials in which volunteers are deliberately exposed to coronavirus to test the effectiveness of vaccine candidates, the UK Department for Business, Ene...