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California superintendent not sure Antifa teacher had been reported before Project Veritas exposed him

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Natomas Unified School District Superintendent Chris Evans told Fox News Thursday that district investigators have so far been unable to locate any reports from concerned families. But he said that if they exist – th...

Google’s anti-racism program exposed, considered ‘virtuousby Silicon Valley: Rufo

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Host Rachel Campos-Duffy provided graphics that were allegedly created by Google’s diversity and inclusion lead. Among them included the claim that "socially acceptable white supremacy includes things like celebratin...

Chiefs defense exposed by Jackson, Ravens in 36-35 fracaso

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The Chiefs knew it was coming; the Ravens had been doing it all game. They still couldn't stop it. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Nor could the Chiefs stop the run the previous week against the Browns, t ...

El gobernador de Florida dice que los padres pueden enviar a los niños asintomáticos expuestos a Covid-19 de regreso a la escuela

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Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis anunció el miércoles que el estado ha publicado una regla revisada que sigue una "enfoque basado en síntomas" a los estudiantes en cuarentena, es decir, niños asintomáticos expuestos a Covid-19 en clase..

Ready-to-eat spices and food additives exposed to widespread rodent infestation were seized by the FDA

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FDA-regulated spices and food additive products exposed to "widespread rodent infestation" as well as live and dead insects, were seized in Miami on Friday by the US Marshals Service on behalf of the US Food and Dru...

Las fallas policiales expuestas por el asesinato de Sarah Everard apuntalan la cultura de la misoginia en la fuerza, los activistas dicen

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Cuando miles se reunieron para llorar la muerte de Sarah Everard, una mujer de 33 años que fue secuestrada, violada y asesinada en marzo, La policía de Londres respondió con fuerza. Escenas de mujeres en duelo inmovilizadas en el suelo..

‘Ingraham Angle’: Fraud of critical race theory accidentally exposed in CNN debate

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"Every once in a while, an on-air exchange slips through the cracks on one of the other cable networks that is worth watching. Such was the case this morning on CNN of all places," said Ingraham. Virginia parent and...

Indiana teacher who exposed CRT teaching put on leave, has email locked, banned from school buildings

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"As of one hour ago, Indianapolis Public Schools has suspended my access to email & Google Drive," Indianapolis district science coordinator, instructional coach, and administrator Tony Kinnett posted on Twitter ...

Billie Eilish began watching porn at age 11: ‘I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed

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Eilish, 19, said she feels "incredibly devastated" to have been exposed to "so much porn." "As a woman, I think porn is a disgrace," Eilish told Stern during the interview. "I used to watch a lot of porn, to be hones...

Texas mother allegedly put son in trunk of car to avoid being exposed to Covid-19

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A Texas mother has been charged with endangering a child after she allegedly placed her 13-year-old son, who had Covid-19, into her car's trunk to avoid being exposed to the virus, according to a warrant from the Ha...

Greg Gutfeld: The pandemic has exposed an educational system in crisis

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So that's kind of awesome - throwing your kid in the trunk of your car like a set of jumper cables. Sabes, I think we finally found a woman who can be Julie Banderas for Mother of the Year. Now she faces charge...

How a birthday party exposed Hong Kong officials to the harsh reality of zero-Covid

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Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín Mientras tanto en China de CNN., una actualización tres veces a la semana que explora lo que necesita saber sobre el auge del país y cómo impacta al mundo. Registrate aquí. Hong Kong He's...

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