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US and Japan express concern over China’s ‘aggressive actionsduring first trip by Biden’s top diplomat

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized China's threats to regional stability during bilateral talks in Tokyo on Tuesday, warning that the United States and Japan would push back if necessary. Blinken and US...

A ‘Pineapple Expressis headed for the rain-soaked Northwest

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An atmospheric river event known as the "Pineapple Express" is forecast to bring a prolonged period of wet weather to Washington and Oregon beginning Sunday. The effects from rain and considerable mountain snow will...

USPS agrees to treat Georgia runoff ballots as express mail

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The US Postal Service has agreed to take extraordinary measures to deliver mailed ballots for Georgia's upcoming Senate runoff elections, including treating ballots as express mail, sweeping postal facilities for ba...

Familie van Amerikaners wat in Sirië aangehou is, spreek hoop uit na die Amerikaanse ontmoeting met die Assad-bewind

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Washington Die familie van 'n Amerikaner wat meer as drie jaar gelede in Sirië aangehou is, is hoopvol dat die momentum in sy saak sal voortduur na seldsame direkte gesprekke tussen die Trump-regering en die Assad ...

Athletes express disappointment over Breonna Taylor decision

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Athletes -- many who have used their platforms to take stances against police brutality over the past few months -- expressed their disappointment Wednesday after a grand jury in Louisville, Kentucky, decided not to...