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‘CITGO 6oil execs held in Venezuela were picked up by country’s forces hours after Alex Saab’s extradition to US

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Five United States citizens and a permanent resident who were serving house arrest in Caracas, Venezuela, were picked up by the country's intelligence service SEBIN on Saturday, just hours after the extradition of A...

Murdaugh lawyer says client ‘understandshe’s going to prison for stealing money, waives extradition hearing

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Murdaugh has maintained his innocence in the shooting deaths of his wife and son, but his attorney Dick Harpootlian acknowledged that his client has "reconciled" the fact he will face prison time for stealing million...

Alex Murdaugh waives his extradition hearing in Florida, will return to South Carolina to face charges

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Alex Murdaugh waived an extradition hearing in Florida on Friday, according to the Orange County Corrections office, and is expected to return to South Carolina to face charges related to the misappropriation of set...

Peter Nygard consents to US extradition, faces new sex charges in Canada

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Finnish-Canadian designer Peter Nygard, accused of racketeering and sex trafficking charges, consented Friday to be extradited to the United States to mount his defense. Nygard, 80, appearing via videoconference at...

La extradición de Harvey Weinstein a Los Ángeles por cargos de agresión sexual enfrenta otro retraso

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El abogado Norman Effman dijo que se había programado una audiencia para junio. 15 en un desafío recién presentado. Se había programado que Weinstein fuera transferido la próxima semana desde la instalación correccional de Wende cerca de Buffalo.,...

Harvey Weinstein’s extradition to Los Angeles delayed again

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A state judge has allowed the convicted sex offender to fight his extradition to Los Angeles for at least another 30 days as the county intends to take him to trial as soon as possible. The disgraced Hollywood prod...

Harvey Weinstein fighting extradition to Los Angeles; lawyer says he’s almost blind and missing teeth

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In a virtual hearing on Monday, the convicted sex offender, 69, appeared before Erie County Court Judge Kenneth Case and his lawyer, Norman Effman, cited Weinstein's increasing health issues as one reason why he can'...