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Vea a los estadounidenses extraordinarios que ganaron los premios Patriot de Fox Nation

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Los premios se entregaron en siete categorías, incluyendo la primera vez que Fox Nation "Back the Blue" título. Premio Patriota más valioso - Tamyra Mensah-Stock La olímpica Tamrya Mensah-Stock premiada como "Patriota más valioso".

Oregon is changing its substitute teacher license rules to combat an ‘extraordinary shortage

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Hoping to help curb what officials are calling an "extraordinary shortage" of substitute teachers across the state, the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission announced a new rule temporarily dropping the...

Spain overcomes extraordinary own goal to beat Croatia and reach Euro 2020 quarterfinals

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Spain overcame conceding a remarkable own goal to edge past Croatia in extra-time, winning 5-3 in an incredible encounter to reach the Euro 2020 quarterfinals. Three-time European championship winner Spain had domin...

Prince William pays tribute to grandfather Prince Philip after his death: ‘An extraordinary man

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The Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday at 99 years old and his grandson reflected on the consort's commitment to family and service. "My grandfather's century of life was defined by service – to his country and Common...

‘Consigue Tammy Bruce’ sobre cómo la reubicación del Juego de Estrellas de MLB causó "extraordinarios’ devastación para las empresas de Atlanta

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"Gran trabajo, Demócratas. Gran maldito trabajo, Joe Biden," Bruce se burló. Sus comentarios llegan poco después de que la MLB reubicara el Juego de Estrellas en Denver., después de que Georgia aprobó una nueva ley que hace que las pautas de votación sean más estrictas..

Extraordinary diplomatic clash signals tough times ahead for the US and China

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Washington Chinese officials dismissed Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan as "condescending." An unnamed US official said the Chinese were "grandstanding." And with that, un...

‘Extraordinaryresearch finds electric eels hunt in packs

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Electric eels have been found to hunt in packs in the first documented case of its kind, which researchers have called an "extraordinary discovery." Scientists working in the Brazilian Amazon River basin were surpri...

‘Extraordinarycorporate revolt over campaign donations shakes political world

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Some of the country's largest firms are scrambling to distance themselves from last week's insurrection at the US Capitol by freezing or reassessing their political donations -- sending tremors through a political s...

Mexico City will take ‘extraordinary measuresto stop surge in Covid-19 deaths

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Mexico City will impose "extraordinary measures" on residents to contain a surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths, Mexican Deputy Health Minister Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell said during a news conference on Friday. Its neighb...

Judge mandates USPS take ‘extraordinary measuresas ballot processing drops in key states

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A federal judge on Sunday ordered the United States Postal Service to mandate some of the "extraordinary measures" the agency announced earlier this week to address the slow down of ballot processing in key states. ...