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COVID-19 vaccine ‘extremely rare’ adverse event under study, Fauci sê

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"The toxicities, adverse events are remarkably low in this, when you look at the denominator of the literally tens if not hundreds of millions of vaccine doses that have been given," Fauci gesê. CDC REPORTS 10K BREAK...

Celtic FC executive, family ‘extremely shaken and shockedafter explosion at home

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Celtic FC said in a statement CEO Peter Lawwell’s home and cars at his home in Thorntonhall were significantly damaged in the explosion and subsequent fire. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "We can confirm tha...

An extremely rare calico lobster was rescued from a Red Lobster in Virginia

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A rare lobster almost ended up as someone's dinner at a Red Lobster restaurant in Virginia before employees recognized its uniqueness and rescued it. The male calico lobster, named Freckles by the Red Lobster team i...

Prince Philip ‘thought extremely fondly’ of Prince Harry despite royal tensions, bron eise

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"Philip and Harry had a very close relationship," a palace source told Us Weekly on Thursday. "… Philip thought extremely fondly of his grandson and vice versa." The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9 op ouderdom 99...

Hotel sustains significant damage after a ‘large and extremely dangerous tornadorips through Birmingham area

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A tornado described as "large and extremely dangerous" by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Birmingham, Alabama, ripped through a hotel late Monday night. Video from CNN affiliate WVTM shows that the Hampton In...

An extremely rare white kangaroo was born at a zoo in New York

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A New York zoo has welcomed a baby red kangaroo with a rare condition that left park employees shocked. Cosmo, the newest joey at Animal Adventure Park, was born with leucism, an incredibly rare condition that cause...

Biden’s extremely ambitious first 100 dae

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President-elect Joe Biden faces a wildly daunting first 100 dae op kantoor. On the heels of major vaccine developments, Biden committed that his team will help get "ten minste 100 million Covid vaccine shots into the ...