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Lawmakers say Amazon has ‘turned a blind eyeto potential dangers posed by its own brand

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More lawmakers demanded answers about the safety of products branded with Amazon's name on Wednesday, calling on the company to immediately investigate and recall any electronics posing dangers to customers. In a l...

'Queer Eye’ la star Jonathan Van Ness rivela di essersi sposato

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Jonathan Van Ness ha rivelato di avere delle buone notizie personali 2020. Il "Queer Eye" star ha rivelato in un lungo post su Instagram che ha sposato il suo migliore amico e che i due stanno costruendo una vita insieme. Mark Peacock così ...

Gas leak responsible fire for ‘Eye of firein Mexican waters, says Mexican oil company

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A blaze on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico resembling a large "eye of fire" has been brought under control, according to Mexico's state oil company Pemex. Orange flames resembling molten lava were pictured on soci...

Reuters photographer killed in Afghanistan: ‘He was our eye

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Danish Siddiqui, 38, had been embedded with Afghan special forces for the past few days and was killed as the commando unit battled for control of the Spin Boldak crossing on the border between southern Afghanistan a...

The ‘Queer EyeLEGO set with the Fab Five will brighten your day

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LEGO has launched a set of the Fab 5 loft from Netflix's "Queer Eye." The company debuted the set design, which has a total of 974 pieces, including a couch and wall art. LEGO mini-figure versions of the cast, incl...

rappresentante. Valzer sulla scomparsa della star del tennis cinese Peng Shuai: Gli Stati Uniti non possono "chiudere un occhio"’

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NUOVO VIDEO PENG SHUAI MEDIA CINESE “INSUFFICIENTE”,' WTA MANTIENE LA MINACCIA DI FALLIRE IL TORNEO Il membro del Congresso della Florida ha discusso della scomparsa segnalata dell'atleta su "Volpe & Fine settimana degli amici" domenica e la lettera h...