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Joe Thornton, 42 and eyeing Stanley Cup, signs with Panthers

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He signed a one-year deal Friday, making Florida his fourth franchise in a now 24-year NHL career. He has more points than any other active NHL player and is 14th all-time on that list with 1,529. Die 13 players ahea...

Bill Cosby eyeing return to comedy after prison release, spokesman says: ‘He wants to return to the stage

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The 83-year-old "Cosby Show" akteur, once known as "America's Dad," spent his first night out of prison doing "comedy routines," his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt exclusively revealed to Fox News. Wyatt also told Fox News...

New York City eyeing ‘full reopeningby July 1, de Blasio sê

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Get ready for a Big Apple summer. Mayor Bill de Blasio is targeting July 1 for New York City's "full reopening," telling MSNBC's "Oggend Joe," "we're ready to come back and come back strong." "We are ready for st...

Demokrate, after slamming Trump for upending ‘norms,’ now eyeing sweeping changes of their own

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Sy. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in September described then-President Trump as "a pathological liar, who has strong authoritarian tendencies, who neither understands nor respects our constitution, and who is prepared to ...