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Dominic Toretto’s ‘F9mid-engine 1968 Dodge Charger is Hellacious

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Custom car builder SpeedKore has created a street-legal version of the mid-engine 1968 Dodge Charger featured in the blockbuster film "F9" as the hero car driven by Vin Diesel's character, Dominic Toretto. The outfit...

‘F9puts charge back into movie theaters with $70M opening

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Die negende aflewering in die "Vinnig & Woedend" franchise, starring franchise regulars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, opened only in theaters and had the widest release of any movie since the start of the coron...

‘F9star Jordana Brewster says she was asked to lose weight for past roles, praises Hollywood’s new standards

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The actress appears in the ninth installment of the popular action franchise after appearing as one of the principal cast members in the original 2001 film and five of the sequels. In 'n onlangse onderhoud, Brewster not...

Jordana Brewster’s kids are impressed by ‘F9,but not her home schooling skills

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Jordana Brewster may be in one of the summer's most eagerly awaited films, but to her sons, she's just a mom who has a cool job. Die "F9" (aka "Vinnig & Woedend 9") star recently talked to CNN and said Rowan, 4, a ...

John Cena issues apology to China in Mandarin after calling Taiwan its own country in ‘F9’ onderhoud

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The professional wrestler and actor accidentally wandered into a very charged political topic in China. Beijing considers Taiwan a self-ruled democratic island and a province that is part of China. Daarom, referri...

‘F9trailer teases Vin Diesel, John Cena showdown: ‘You turned your back on me

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The trailer for "F9" dropped on Wednesday, and there was plenty to unpack -- with one being a family feud brewing. John Cena has entered the mix as Jakob Toretto, the brother of Dom (Vin Diesel) and Mia (Jordana Brew...

Nuutste 'Fast & Woedend’ fliek ‘F9’ val nuwe sleepwa

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Die negende aflewering in die "Vinnig & Woedend" franchise het 'n nuwe vrystellingsdatum wat vir Junie bepaal word 25. 'N Nuwe lokprent vir die komende film, getiteld "F9," Woensdag vrygestel. Die film verskyn amper 'n volle jaar daarna..