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Why face-to-face gatherings still matter

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After more than a year of meeting on Zoom every month, the members of Amy Ettinger's book club recently tried something radical: They got together in real life. The move was a fundamental departure from the routine....

Amid turmoil and grief, Jill Biden travels to visit face-to-face with military families

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First lady Jill Biden on Wednesday traveled to the Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, Noord-Carolina, a trip that, volgens die Withuis, included meetings with military families. Biden's vis...

British lawmakers face risks when working face-to-face with voters

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A British lawmaker in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party was stabbed to death by a man who walked into a meeting with voters from his electoral district, polisie gesê. Attacks on individual lawmakers in...

Survivorsstories from Mariupol cannot be ignored, Biden must meet with Zelenskyy face-to-face

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Since the first bombing almost three weeks ago, besieging Russian forces have relentlessly shelled this city of 400,000 mense. It is a barrage of death, indiscriminately raining fire on maternity wards, apartment bu...

Nancy Grace, Natalee Holloway’s mother come face-to-face with Aruban authorities in search for justice

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The confrontation unfolds in the third installment of Fox Nation's "A Natalee Holloway Investigation with Nancy Grace" as Grace, Beth Holloway, and Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Director Sheryl McCollum ...

Austria’s leader says his face-to-face meeting with Putin was ‘not a friendly visit

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Berlin Austria's Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he raised alleged Russian atrocities in Ukraine during a "taai" and unfriendly meeting Monday with Vladimir Putin -- the first Western sit-down with the Russian Preside...