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Law enforcement factors potential protests and unrest into State of the Union security precautions

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Law enforcement in Washington, DC, said Monday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, potential protests of President Joe Biden and a possible trucker convoy headed to the Washington area are all factoring into a hei...

Men who tend to worry have increased risk factors for heart disease, Ben Ray Luján het verwag om ten volle te herstel nadat hy beroerte gehad het: studeer

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Middle-aged men who worry more or are prone to feeling overwhelmed, compared to those with lower levels of worry and anxiety, developed more high-risk factors for heart disease, Ben Ray Luján het verwag om ten volle te herstel nadat hy beroerte gehad het, and Type 2 diabetes earlier in...

NBC’s Chuck Todd says some factors for Biden’s low polling are ‘out of their controland ‘not his fault

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Recent polling numbers have shown Biden at approximately 42% goedkeuring, with his disapproval at 52%. Certain polls over the last few months have put Biden’s rating as even lower. LINDSEY GRAHAM RIPS DEMOCRATS FOR ‘LY...

Douglas County, Colorado, voters say COVID-19 protocols, critical race theory decisive factors in election

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"Parents need to be in charge of their children's education," Jim, of Castle Rock, aan Fox News gesê. "What's going on in our schools right now seems a lot more like indoctrination to me than education, and it's time for...

Missouri coroner admits to omitting COVID-19 as cause of death when other factors involved

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Coroner Brian Hayes omitted COVID-19 as the cause of death on at least six death certificates for deceased residents of his rural county who suffered from other conditions, he told The Kansas City Star in an intervie...

Across sports, athlete injuries are on the rise. A few factors are to blame

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Across the world, sports fans are starting to see a trend emerge: Their favorite athletes are getting injured. Numerous NBA stars have missed playoff games this spring with a variety of nagging injuries. Most recent...

George Floyd se dood: Chauvin could face tougher sentence as Minnesota judge finds aggravating factors

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Though found guilty on all three counts, Minnesota law says that Chauvin will only be sentenced for the most serious count – second-degree murder – which carries a maximum prison sentence of 40 jare. But because he ...

Prosecution and defense teams in Derek Chauvin’s sentencing argue whether aggravating factors apply

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Prosecutors for the state of Minnesota and an attorney for Derek Chauvin argued in separate filings Friday whether additional factors should affect Chauvin's sentence. The former Minneapolis police officer was conv...