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Revelaciones en la azotea: Policies from ‘liberal white racistscause our boys to fail

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These thoughts were the subject of conversation between Pastor Corey Brooks, King Randall and Travis Cochran on the 61st day of the 100-day rooftop vigil to raise funds for a community center designed to transform li...

Harris fires back at Democrats’ claims she’s being ‘set up to fail’

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During a pre-recorded interview with CBS's Margaret Brennan on "Face the Nation," Harris was asked to address criticism by Democrats that the vice president is being given a portfolio designed to work against her. KA...

Major League Baseball lockout begins as players and owners fail to reach a new bargaining agreement

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The collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players' union expired at 11:59 pm. ET on Wednesday, leading to the first official work stoppage in professional baseball since the 1994-95 ...

Liberalism is a ‘crap bumper stickerwith policies that fail: Dan Bongino

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Y BONGINO: Muchachos, after the Waukesha tragedy, I got to thinking this week about the ongoing threat to our great republic from radical liberalism. I’m starting to wonder: Do they even believe this stuff? Or is liber...

Israel’s prime minister threatens no-show if COP26 organizers fail to fix wheelchair access issue

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Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has told COP 26 organizers to fix an issue with wheelchair access to the main venue or he is cancelling his appearance at the event on Tuesday. The sharply worded thr...

3 reasons why Donald Trump’s new social media company is doomed to fail

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Donald Trump is -- finalmente -- getting into the social media game. After a series of fits and starts, Trump announced the formation of TRUTH Social on Wednesday night -- an effort, he insisted, a "stand up to the ty...

Pentagon outlines punishments for civilian employees if they fail to get vaccinated

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The Pentagon has laid out its enforcement and punishment procedures for its civilian Covid-19 vaccine mandate with just over a month to go until the deadline for civilian employees to be fully vaccinated. The guida...

Activistas despiertos intentan y no logran cancelar a la leyenda de Hollywood Clint Eastwood por una broma de los Premios de la Academia de hace décadas

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El clip en cuestión proviene del 1973 Premios de la Academia en los que el actor Marlon Brando se negó a aceptar su premio al Mejor Actor en "El Padrino" y en su lugar envió a un activista nativo americano al escenario para cojo ....

Pete Hegseth reflects on his time in Afghanistan: The operation was doomed to fail

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PETE HEGSETH: Hoy dia, I went back and read the letters I wrote home from Afghanistan. It was like reading letters from a guy being slowly mugged by reality. We could surge and conduct counterinsurgency all we wanted. ...

Biden not taking a stand against filibuster in speech would be an ‘epic fail,’ civil rights leaders say

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President Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure from Black civil rights leaders to take an aggressive stance on Congress eliminating the filibuster and passing federal legislation that would protect voters as the ...

Why the Texas Democrats’ vuelo (and fight) on election reform is doomed to fail

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The visuals were powerful. Two chartered planes taking off from Texas -- and landing in the nation's capital -- filled with Democratic legislators fleeing a Republican attempt to pass one of the nation's most string...

Ex-NBA star tees off on Doc Rivers after 76ers fail to make conference finals

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Herrero, a former Hawks player who also had an epic game against Rivers’ Los Angeles Clippers while he was with the Houston Rockets, posted a video on his social media going off on the coach. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS DEPORTES..

First gen NY House candidate curbs socialist ‘talking points’ that ‘fail every time’

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GEORGE SANTOS: [Socialism's] tried and tried over and over again, and fails every time.… My grandparents escaped socialism, they've escaped communism and the Holocaust. So it drives me nuts when I see these talking p...

Muere madre de dos hijos durante cirugía estética en Tijuana, los médicos no informan la muerte

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Fox Nation host Nancy Grace took a closer look at exactly what happened to victim Keuana Weaver and her friend Kanisha Davis as they traveled south of the border on a new episode of "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace." ...

DHS scraps fines for illegal immigrants who fail to leave, moves to cancel existing debts

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DHS is rescinding two delegation orders, which gave Immigration and Customs Enforcement (HIELO) the power to collect fines from immigrants who do not follow orders of deportation. En una oracion, the agency also said I...

Former Border Patrol chiefs to congressional leaders: ‘The patchwork system in place continues to fail us all

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Nearly a dozen retired Border Patrol chiefs implored congressional leadership Wednesday to provide additional resources and take steps to reform the US immigration system, calling the number of minors arriving at th...

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