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Republican congressmen call for Blinken impeachment: ‘He took an oath and he failed

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"We are the most powerful nation on the planet, and we must make clear to the Taliban that we will stay to get our people out as long as that takes. Secretary Blinken’s complete and utter failure of managing this av...

Retired Navy SEAL calls for resignations of top Biden admin officials: ‘They’ve abjectly failed

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PRESIDENT BIDEN, VP HARRIS AVOID THE CAMERAS AS KABUL FALLS TO TALIBAN DERRICK VAN ORDEN: I did two tours in Afghanistan in 2003 en 2009, en, Ongelukkig, the Biden administration is redefining the word incompete...

Pompeius: Biden ‘failedin Afghanistan withdrawal plan, is ‘patheticfor blaming Trump

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Pompeo also pushed back against President Biden's claim that he inherited a bad situation from his predecessor, voormalige president Donald Trump. TALIBAN ENTER KABUL OUTSKIRTS, AWAIT ‘PEACEFUL TRANSFER’ OF AFGHANISTAN ...

White House calls communism a ‘failed ideologyafter historic Cuba protests

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Amid historic protests in the island country, White House press secretary Jen Psaki affirmed that the Biden administration supports Cuban protesters and their "call for freedom from both the pandemic and from decades...

Watters: Kamala’s laugh a ‘defense mechanismthat often works; ‘failed miserablywith Lester Holt

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JESSE WATTERS: as someone who made his career doing man-on-the-street interviews, I feel like I am uniquely qualified to recognize when someone is uncomfortable in public -- and yes, this is a sign of discomfort when...

Retired Navy Seal Commander: Putin was testing Biden, and he ‘failed

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Sears made the comment in response to reports suggesting that the Russian Navy conducted military exercises about 300 aan 500 miles west of Hawaii over the weekend, prompting the U.S. to scramble three F-22s to respon...

California Dems sound off after judge slams 32-year ban on ‘assaultweapons as ‘failed experiment

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In a 94-page ruling issued on Friday, Amerikaanse. District Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego argued that the state’s definition of illegal military-style rifles unlawfully deprives law-abiding Californians of weapons commonl...

Kinzinger charges that McCarthy’s ‘failed to tell the truth’

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"I do think Kevin has failed to tell the truth," Kinzinger said Sunday in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday." KINZINGER HAULS IN BIG BUCKS AFTER FACING TRUMP'S WRATH OVER IMPEACHMENT Kinz...

Rep. Jim Banks: Liz Cheney ‘failedin House GOP leadership role

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Banke, the chair of the influential Republican Study Committee caucus, vertel "Fox News Sondag" anchor Chris Wallace that he believes that Cheney has become a "distraction" and that he believes House Republicans should...

Acting Capitol Police chief tells Congress the department ‘failedduring Capitol riots

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The acting head of the US Capitol Police told congressional members during a closed-door briefing Tuesday that the "department failed to meet its own high standards" op Januarie 6 when a crowd of pro-Trump rioters ov...

Arnold Schwarzenegger sê Trump is 'n 'mislukte leier’ en dring daarop aan op eenheid na die beleg van die Capitool

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In 'n oproep tot eenheid na die beleg van die Amerikaanse Capitol Woensdag, voormalige goewerneur van Kalifornië. Arnold Schwarzenegger het gesê president Donald Trump sal onthou word as die slegste president in die Amerikaanse geskiedenis en het Amerikaners versoek..