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Atlanta Falcons shut down facility and will work virtually following positive Covid-19 test

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Covid-19 has forced the Atlanta Falcons to temporarily close the nest. The NFL team shut down its Georgia facility Thursday morning after a member of the organization tested positive for the coronavirus. Citing "an ...

Falcons fire head coach Dan Quinn after 0-5 start

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The Atlanta Falcons have cut Dan Quinn loose, firing the head coach following a fifth straight loss to open the season. The move comes on the heels of a 23-16 loss to the visiting Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and al...

The Atlanta Falcons will use ‘disinfecting dronesto sanitize the team’s stadium when it welcomes back fans this month

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Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) is the first professional sports venue to sanitize its arena using drones. MBS, which is home to the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, partnered with Charlotte-based compan...