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Twitter no verifica a Alan Page, Miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NFL y juez de la Corte Suprema de Minnesota, citando "notabilidad’

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Lo leíste correctamente. ALAN FANECA DE STEELERS EN VIAJE AL SALÓN DE LA FAMA Y LUCHA CONTRA LA EPILEPSIA: Página "ES TAN SURREAL", 78, informó a su sobre 16,000 Los seguidores de Twitter el jueves que su solicitud de verificar ...

Hall of Famer Julius Erving on NBA life in 1980s: Standing on shoulders of giants

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And I think that in communicating with the next generation of players, they gave a lot of credit to myself and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. If you start in 1980, and you look at the guys who were the All-Pro players, the MVP...

NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is the new head football coach at Jackson State

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"Hora estelar" is back. Deion Sanders, the NFL Hall of Fame defensive back, is returning to the sidelines, this time as the head coach of Jackson State University's football program. Lijadoras, 53, made the announcement...

Mike Bossy, miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NHL y de los Islanders, muere a la edad 65

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Mike Bossy, miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NHL y de los Islanders, muere a la edad 65, Mike Bossy, miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NHL y de los Islanders, muere a la edad. En octubre, Mike Bossy, miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NHL y de los Islanders, muere a la edad.

Bryce Harper is the NL MVP after ‘unbelievableturnaround, Baseball Hall of Famer says

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Harper is leading the charge in Philadelphia’s late-season push to the postseason. He’s having one of his best seasons since winning the National League MVP with the Washington Nationals in 2015 and is on the verge o...

Clark Gillies, Hockey Hall of Famer and four-time Stanley Cup winner, muere en 67

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Clark Gillies, a Hockey Hall of Fame power forward and four-time Stanley Cup winner with the New York Islanders, murió el viernes, according to the National Hockey League. Él era 67. No se dio ninguna causa de muerte. "The Nat...

Kevin Greene, NFL sack legend and Hall of Famer, ha muerto a la edad 58

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Kevin Greene, who had the third most sacks in NFL history, murió el lunes, according to statements from the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Greene was 58. No se dio ninguna causa de muerte. The Pro Fo...

Fallece Guy Lafleur, icono de los Montreal Canadiens y miembro del Salón de la Fama del hockey 70

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El ícono de los Montreal Canadiens y miembro del Salón de la Fama del Hockey Guy Lafleur murió a la edad 70, Mike Bossy, miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NHL y de los Islanders, muere a la edad. "Estamos profundamente entristecidos al enterarnos de la muerte de Guy Lafleur.. Todos los miembros de la organización Canadiens son ...

Iowa ‘Field of Dreamssite purchased by group helmed by Hall of Famer Frank Thomas

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El jueves, Hall of Famer and White Sox legend Frank Thomas was at the "Field of Dreams" movie site in Dyersville to declare he and his business partners had purchased a controlling stake in the site. "This is one h...

Gonzaga University suspends Hall of Famer John Stockton’s season tickets over his defiance of Covid-19 mask mandate

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Gonzaga University has suspended season tickets for one of its most notable alumni and Hall of Fame basketball player John Stockton after he refused to comply with the school's mask mandates at games, he said in an ...

Floyd Little, NFL running back and Hall of Famer, muere en 78

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Former Denver Broncos running back Floyd Little died Friday at the age of 78, según su familia. "After nearly a year of confronting, even battling cancer, the beloved hero, hermano, [object Window], [object Window], father...

Draft de la NFL 2022: El miembro del Salón de la Fama Ron Mix habla sobre su decisión de jugar para los Chargers, ofrece consejos para novatos

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¿Debería jugar en la Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano o en la nueva Liga de Fútbol Americano?? La mezcla fue el No. 10 selección general en el Draft de la NFL por los Baltimore Colts y el No. 1 selección general AFL Draft por la B...

Hall of Famer Payton looks to make mark as college coach

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"Coach, the other way," he orders Lester Conner on his right, adjusting him by the shoulders before looking to CJ Ashford on his left and commanding, "You turn this way." Payton even throws both hands up almost as if...

Hall of Famer Bill Fitch, who led Boston Celtics to NBA title in 1981, muere en 89

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The basketball world is mourning the death of Bill Fitch, the legendary Hall of Fame NBA head coach who won the NBA Finals in 1981 with the Boston Celtics. Él era 89. "Bill served 25 seasons as an NBA head coach and...

John Chaney, basketball Hall of Famer who coached at Temple, muere en 89

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Famed former Temple University men's basketball coach John Chaney passed away at the age of 89 el viernes. Temple confirmed Chaney died after a short illness. Chaney led the Temple Owls for 24 seasons and to 17 NCAA ...

Derek Stingley Jr amped to get started with Texans, why he models his game after Pro Football Hall of Famer

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Stingley was a standout cornerback for LSU. He was a consensus All-American his freshman year when he had six interceptions and 39 tackles. He then would only played in 10 games between 2020 y 2021 due to the coron...

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