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Family sues officers for alleged use of excessive force and lack of medical care leading to man’s death

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The family of a man who died months after being arrested by police is suing four Hidalgo County, Texas sheriff's deputies, alleging the deputies crushed a vertebra in Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Zuniga's neck and faile...

Afghan major who helped save US pilot begs Pentagon to ‘keep their wordto protect his family and him

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Mohammed Naiem Asadi and his wife, Rahima, haven't slept well in days. They are too nervous to eat much. They are trying to keep their fear in check for their 4-year-old daughter. But their bodies sometimes betray t...


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昨年デンバーで3人の大人と2人の子供を殺した住宅火災に関連して3人の10代の少年が逮捕されました, 当局は言った. デンバー警察は水曜日に2つの16年を発表しました-...

When your own family is racist toward you

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Growing up as a child of a White woman and a Black man in a small town in Maine, Victoria Anderson was constantly reminded she was different. A close relative nicknamed her "jungle bunny," 彼女は言いました. Another relativ...

California mother suspected of killing 3 kids ‘unwellfor months, family member says; father ‘devastated

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LOS ANGELES MOTHER ARRESTED AFTER THREE TODDLERS FOUND STABBED TO DEATH Investigators are working to establish a motive after the bodies of the children, 年齢 3, 2 そして 6 月, were discovered by their grandmother w...

行方不明のカリフォルニアのお母さんの友人や家族は、ほぼ40歳の誕生日を迎えます 4 彼女が姿を消してから数ヶ月

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彼女は40歳の誕生日をグランドキャニオンでハイキングすることを計画していました, しかし、彼女の家族は、サンディエゴのミッションベイにあるフィエスタアイランドパークで彼女を祝う予定です。. "マヤ -- 彼女は誕生日に大きいです," 彼女の兄弟, ジェイ・R ...

Queen Elizabeth II ‘upsetby Prince Harry’s comments about the royal family in recent interviews: 報告する

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"Harry’s grandmother has taken this very personally and is deeply upset by what Harry has said, in particular his comments about Charles’s parenting and suggesting his father knows no better because of how he was bro...


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にいくつかの新しい顔があります "セサミストリート" そして彼らは数十年前の子供向けショーに新しい多様性の層をもたらしています. ショーは木曜日にHBOMaxでファミリーデーのエピソードを落としました (これ, CNNのように, が所有しています。.

シカゴの家族が街を爆破, 女の赤ちゃんが頭を撃たれた後、彼らは動いていると言います: 報告する

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Terriana Smithは、7月に市内のイングルウッド地区で銃乱射事件で負傷した7人のうちの1人でした。 1. 彼女は最近、過ごした後に退院しました 15 病院での日々. "私はここから出ています, 今日. ...

Afghan interpreter for US military says Taliban is ‘hunting’ 彼の家族: ‘Biden broke his promise

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"タリバン, they just cut my cousin's neck off a couple of days ago…they are hunting my family and my brother's family," Saber Nasseri told "ハニティ" 水曜日に. Nasseri served as an Afgan interpreter for 11 年...

Afghan doctor who escaped Taliban with family calls Biden withdrawal unwise, warns of human rights abuses

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"It was not a wise decision to leave a nation in a very, very hard situation," 博士. Wais Aria told Fox News Friday. "People deserve to have their civil rights. The women deserve to have their rights." Aria and his fa...

Covid-19 restrictions kept her family from attending her wedding, so she got married on the Canadian border

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When Covid-19 restrictions made it difficult for a Canadian bride to have her family at her US wedding, she did the next best thing -- she brought her wedding to the border. Karen Mahoney and her new husband, Brian...

マイケルジャクソンの息子のプリンスが「スリラーナイト」を主催’ ジャクソンファミリーエステートでのチャリティーコスチュームパーティー

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コスチュームパーティーは10月に開催されます. 29 から 7 午後. 真夜中まで, 最近のQによると&王子は彼のInstagramに参加しました. コロナフのため、パーティーへの参加人数は制限されます。.

Waukesha parade attack victim, 11, makes her family laugh despite injuries: ‘Just glue me back together

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"She was directly impacted by the vehicle," Ryan Kohnke, Jessalyn's uncle and a Waukesha resident who attended the parade, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday. "It looks like she might have heard the commotion behind he...

Queen Elizabeth cancels traditional pre-Christmas lunch with royal family amid U.K. COVIDサージ: ソース

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The reigning monarch was hoping to host her extended family for the annual get-together next week after last year’s festivities were called off due to coronavirus restrictions. しかしながら, a source revealed on Thursday ...

容疑者が未解決で逮捕された 2012 フランスアルプスでのイギリス人家族とフランス人サイクリストの殺害

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パリ4人を殺害した疑いで水曜日にフランスアルプスで男が逮捕された, イギリスの家族の3人のメンバーを含む, 9年以上前, アヌシー検察庁は政治家の中で言った。.

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