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A $5 billion down payment on what America owes to Black farmers

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Peniel E. Joseph is the Barbara Jordan chair in ethics and political values and the founding director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas a...

An American doctor went to India last year to care for protesting farmers. The conditions on the ground convinced him to stay

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Toe dr. Swaiman Singh boarded a flight to India last December, he thought he would be there for a week, tops. Back home in New Jersey, life for the 34-year-old was "literally perfect." His career was taking off, w ...

Climate activist Disha Ravi arrested in India over farmersprotest ‘toolkit

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New Delhi Supporters of a young climate activist arrested in India over a farmers' protest "toolkit," later shared by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, have called for her release. Delhi police confirmed the ...

Washing machines and libraries: What life is like in Indian farmers protest camps on Delhi’s outskirts

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Nieu-Delhi, India On a key highway into India's capital, men are doing their laundry in washing machines set up under a makeshift tent. Just three months ago, this six-lane expressway was a busy thoroughfare for commu...

Rihanna se oproep om Indiese boere te ondersteun, word vinnig deur ander bekendes aangeneem

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Rihanna se voorspraak vir boere in Indië het die aandag van baie regoor die wêreld getrek, insluitend die Indiese regering. Op Dinsdag, vra die superster wat in Barbados gebore is haar 100 miljoen volgelinge, "Hoekom praat ons nie ...

Tens of thousands of farmers swarm India’s capital to protest deregulation rules

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New Delhi Tens of thousands of farmers have swarmed India's capital where they intend to camp out for weeks to protest new agricultural laws that they say could destroy their livelihoods. Farmers from the nearby sta...