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La estrella de "I Dream of Jeannie", Barbara Eden, recuerda la fascinación de los medios por su ombligo: "Se extendió como fuego"

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los "Yo sueño con jeannie" estrella describió previamente cómo Mike Connolly, columnista de The Hollywood Reporter, tenía una fascinación con su ombligo, que fue famoso en la serie. "No me ayudó mucho bec ...

The DoorsJim Morrison had ‘a fascination with death’ before passing away at 27, bandmate Robby Krieger says

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The Doors’ guitarist has a new memoir titled "Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing Guitar with The Doors" where he shares never-before-told stories about some of the most infamous moments of the group’s ...

Dayton mass shooter acted alone in 2019 attack and was fueled by an ‘enduring fascination with mass violence,’ FBI says

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The FBI in Cincinnati said Monday that an investigation into the 2019 Dayton, Ohio, mass shooting found the gunman acted alone and was not aligned with a specific ideological group. "The evidence from the extensive...

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner had a ‘profound’ fascination with Charles Manson, [object Window]: ‘It was really bizarre’

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The claim was in A&E’s news docuseries "Docuserie de Playboy Hugh Hefner arroja luz sobre el libertinaje," which features explosive new interviews with past girlfriends, along with numerous members of Hefner’s staff and inner circle. The 10-episode show debu...