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Wisconsin father-son duo thank America’s military heroes from the ‘bottom of our heart’

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Wisconsin father-son duo Shane Henderson and Justis Henderson, founders of Metal Art of Wisconsin, gave a special shout-out to America's military men and women for maintaining the highest standards for our nation. "T ...

Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg talk father-son dynamic on set in ‘Father Stu

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In the film, Gibson plays Bill Long, the father of Wahlberg's Stuart Long, and told Fox News' Raymond Arroyo how it was great to again be in a familiar role with the "Lone Survivor" akteur. Gibson previously played Wa...

Patriotiese pa-en-seun-duo van Wisconsin 'hys die vlag’ vir Amerika se weermag en meer

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Shane Henderson van Manitowoc, Wisconsin, en sy seun, Justis Henderson, het 'n suksesvolle paar besighede geskep, plus 'n belangrike liefdadigheidsarm van hul werk. Dit alles draai om hul unieke Amerikaanse fl...

Father-son Afghan refugees reunite in NYC after five years apart, with help from Fox

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Op Aug. 15, the Taliban left a threatening letter on Ahmad Fanoos’ instrument case warning him and his family to stop playing music or else. "All your family members are busy with these dirty activities," die brief ...