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Ingraham: Biden and Fauci are quintessential Washington swamp creatures

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Ingraham juxtaposed Biden and Fauci to former President Donald Trump, who she said didn't come from the D.C. muck. "In every way, Trump and his cabinet were the antitheses of the 'Swamp Twins.' Most were newcomers w...

Fauci: People ‘react against mewhen ‘truth becomes inconvenient

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Fauci has been a target for both praise and ridicule throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as he has been the face of the government response. His role has seen him struggle to navigate the torrent of information and gui...

Fauci says COVID-19 pandemic uncontrolled as 66M remain unvaccinated

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CLICK HERE TO FIND A COVID-19 VACCINE NEAR YOU "Much of the world, and in some respects including ourselves, are still in the pandemic phase," Fauci told a virtual White House briefing Wednesday, later adding, "We’re...

Peter Navarro calls Fauci ‘evil,’ says he twice urged Trump to fire him

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Navarro made the comments during a Wednesday interview on the Seattle-based Jason Rantz Show. Peter Navarro

Su. Johnson: Fauci y 'dioses COVID’ han sido divinizados a pesar del registro, ignorar los tratamientos no intravenosos

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En "Tucker Carlson esta noche", Johnson comentó sobre la continua reverencia dada por gran parte del establecimiento y el público a Fauci, 80, quien es uno de los principales asesores de COVID-19 del presidente Joe Biden y se desempeñó en un cargo similar ....

Tucker Carlson: Patron Saint Anthony Fauci has made a verdict on Christmas

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Fast forward to the beginning of last December. Anthony Fauci was 79 años. His 80th birthday, resulta, was Christmas Eve and Fauci was determined to celebrate with an exhibition of authority-flexing that ha...

Fauci defends California school vaccine mandate: Not a ‘novelrequirement

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California proudly announced the nation’s first-ever statewide COVID-19 vaccine requirement in schools. Newsom’s announcement compared the mandate to those for measles, mumps and rubella. The mandate has divided par...

Clay Travis: Fauci ‘100% wrong’ on prediction college football will spike coronavirus

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"Fauci said that COVID was going to feast on college football fans because of the no masks, because of the full stadiums and he’s 100% wrong," él dijo. "Fauci was wrong again." According to Travis, coronavirus cases ...

Nuevos documentos COVID de Wuhan 'contradicen completamente a Fauci’ sobre reclamaciones de ganancia de función, ex funcionario del Departamento de Estado dice

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En "La historia", La presentadora Martha MacCallum informó que los documentos publicados por DRASTIC revelaron un plan para crear un coronavirus, en este caso SARS-CoV-2, que sería más infeccioso y transmisible a través de los humanos.. los ...

Fauci flip-flop on vaccine mandate hammered in new RNC ad

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El anuncio, first obtained by Fox News, features several clips highlighting Fauci's previous statements casting doubt on federal coronavirus vaccine mandates. "There's no secret that I feel that we should not have centra...

Fauci backs COVID vaccine requirement for air travel: ‘I would support that

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Fauci was asked during an interview with theSkimm on Monday if he would support a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Americans in order to fly. RAND PAUL SAYS NEW WUHAN DOCUMENTS SHOW FAUCI LIED "I would support that if y...

Fauci on COVID-19: US lacking ‘modestly good control’ over pandemic

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"The endgame is to suppress the virus," Fauci told Axios. "Ahora mismo, we're still in pandemic mode, because we have 160,000 new infections a day. That's not even modestly good control...which means it's a public heal...

Reps. Gallagher exige la renuncia de Fauci, diciendo que le mintió al pueblo estadounidense’ sobre el laboratorio de Wuhan

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"En mayo 12, Argumenté que el Dr.. Fauci no había sido comunicativo sobre los EE. UU.. el apoyo del gobierno a la investigación de ganancia de función en la WIV. Estos documentos son una prueba irrefutable que indican que no solo falló en ser fuerte..

McEnany on bombshell Wuhan lab report: Dr. Fauci ‘can’t be truthful

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RAND PAUL SAYS NEW WUHAN DOCUMENTS SHOW FAUCI LIED KAYLEIGH MCENANY: He can't be truthful because the truth would mean that very likely, if this did originate in the lab, NOSOTROS. taxpayer dollars helped to fund a pandem...

Ingraham: College football fans pack stadiums, send message ‘we’re doneto Fauci and Biden

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The opening weekend did not go unnoticed as the largely un-masked crowds were slammed by critics, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who voiced his concern saying, "I don't think it's smart." "It was evident in stadiums ac...

Brian Kilmeade: It now appears that Tony Fauci was lying under oath

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KILMEADE: After reviewing the internal N.I.H. documents published today by The Intercept, one molecular biologist, Alina Chan, made this assessment: "In this proposal, they actually point out that they know how risky...

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