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Dan Bongino: FBI’s reputation has been flushed down the drain

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Y BONGINO: They have this thing in courts called Giglio material. Asi que, if you're a federal agent or a police officer like I was, and you get caught lying on the stand, you're basically done. You have to resign becau...

Fugitive on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list caught in Mexico after almost 16 years on the run

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An accused killer on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list has been captured in Mexico after being on the run since 2006, the bureau announced on Friday. Octaviano Juarez-Corro, 48, is accused of killing two peop...

Fulton County district attorney asks for FBI’s help with security as Trump investigation continues

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The Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney is asking for the FBI's help in providing security for buildings and staff one day after former President Donald Trump called prosecutors investigating him "racistas" y...

Venezuelan national on FBI’s terror watchlist released into Michigan after crossing border: LeDuff

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According to LeDuff's reporting for Deadline Detroit, Issam Bazzi, who was caught near the Rio Grande River in Texas last November, was released on his own recognizance ahead of his March asylum hearing in Detroit. B...

FBI’s response to DOJ’s school board whistleblower confirms ‘threat tag’, helps make critics’ caso: 'El cinco’

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On Tuesday an FBI spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation that "a tag is merely a statistical tool to track information for review and reporting," and that the "creation of a threat tag in no way changes t...

House lawmakers seek explanation from FBI’s Wray over ransomware response

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Leaders of the House Oversight and Reform Committee are questioning the FBI's handling of a July ransomware attack on a Florida-based IT firm that compromised up to 1,500 businesses. Repeticiones. Carolyn Maloney, a New Yo...

Simone Biles and other elite gymnasts to testify before Congress about FBI’s Larry Nassar investigation

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Washington Four US gymnastics stars will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday during a hearing about the FBI's handling of the sex abuse investigation of former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassa...

Taliban’s interior minister is on FBI’s most-wanted list, believed to be holding American hostage

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The Haqqani network is known to be a ruthless arm of the Taliban and has been blamed on attacks in the country against coalition forces. The FBI has a $ 10 million bounty on his head. It is believed that he is holdi...

Penny Nance: Intel community targets Americans – what I learned from FBI’s ‘assessmentof me, my organization

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What happens when the government is weaponized against citizens or even domestic civil institutions for political purposes?   It turns out the CATO Institute has been looking into that very issue via Freedom of Info...

Justice Department watchdog blasts FBI’s handling of allegations against Larry Nassar

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FBI officials investigating allegations of sexual abuse by disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar violated the agency's policies by making false statements and failing to properly document complaints by the ac...

Illegal immigrant on FBI’s Terrorism Watch List caught near US-Mexico border, officials reveal

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The unidentified 26-year-old man was arrested on March 30 two miles west of the border crossing in Calexico, Calif., 130 miles east of San Diego, Customs and Border Protection said. During a background check, agents...

John Durham está considerando el lanzamiento del FBI de la investigación de la campaña de Trump, fuentes dicen

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Después de dos años de buscar problemas con la investigación de los asesores de campaña de Donald Trump en 2016 y sus lazos con Rusia, El fiscal federal John Durham no ha encontrado ningún delito por parte de la inteligencia de la era de Obama..

A search for biological relatives leads an adopted woman to the FBI’s most wanted list

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Kathy Gillcrist knew she was adopted, but what she didn't know is that a search for her birth parents would lead her to the FBI's most wanted list. Gillcrist, 63, told CNN affiliate WECT that she took a home DNA te...