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New Smithsonian exhibit features first ‘genderless voice assistant

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The voice assistant, bekend as "V," is located at the FUTURES exhibit and the Smithsonian’s website describes it as a voice that "was synthesized by combining recordings of people who identify variously as male, femal...

‘Friends’ reunion features Cindy Crawford wearing Ross’ leather pants

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The 55-year-old model was one of many special guests on the "Vriende" reunion that dropped on HBO Max on Thursday and was responsible for bringing back one of the sitcom’s iconic fashion moments. In a memorable episo...

NFL First-Team All-Pro features 5 unanimous selections

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Green Bay Packers wye ontvanger Davante Adams, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and wide receiver Cooper Kupp, Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor and Pittsburgh Steelers pass-rusher T.J. Wa...

‘On the Rocksfeatures Bill Murray in a pleasant ‘Lost in Translation’ reünie

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In 'n "Lost in Translation" reünie, writer-director Sofia Coppola lets Bill Murray let loose in "On the Rocks," an entertaining, wonderfully simple comedy with the qualities of a smooth martini -- it goes down easy,...

Lifetime to air two features on Jennifer Dulos mystery with ‘Gone Mom’ and ‘Behind the headlines’

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Through a movie and a documentary titled, "Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos" en "Beyond the Headlines: The Jennifer Dulos Story," onderskeidelik, the film projects will examine Dulos’ vanishing without a ...

A Connecticut man’s Halloween display features real-life horrors: The coronavirus and Black lives lost

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While Americans decorate their homes with ghosts and goblins this Halloween, a Connecticut man has decided to put up a much scarier scene. Matt Warshauer erected a multipaneled Halloween display in front of his home...

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