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San Francisco DA faces second recall effort as residents ‘fed upwith progressive ‘zero consequence’ politicas

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La semana pasada, the first Republican-backed recall effort fell just 1,714 signatures short of the 51,325 required to trigger a special election to bring the question of ousting Boudin before voters. Now a second recall ef...

The Cure’s Simon Gallup ‘fed up of betrayaland leaving band after 40 años

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"Boys Don't Cry," but in the case of Simon Gallup, they do post their feelings on Facebook and offer their resignation publicly. In a public post on Facebook over the weekend, The Cure bassist wrote, "With a slightl...

Charleston, SC police chief ‘fed up’ with violent, repeat offenders

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"Agradecidamente, aquí, the idea of defunding does not get any traction here. It does not resonate. People do not support that. Our mayor, council, and communities have no time for that idea," Reynolds told "America Repor...

‘Fed up’ Gobernador de Georgia. Kemp rips ATL mayor who blames crime surges on COVID reopenings

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"I know I’m fed up with it," Kemp dijo "zorro & Amigos" el lunes. Bottoms blamed the crime wave in her city on lax gun laws, young people being out of school and the Republican governor’s decision to make Georgi...