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Deputized federal agents can now wear body cameras, with major exceptions

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Washington A sweeping and at times contentious policy barring the use of body cameras by police officers assigned to hundreds of federal investigative task forces around the nation has been largely reversed, the Just...

Federal judge moves Oregon prisoners ahead of seniors on Covid-19 vaccination list

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A federal judge ruled that Oregon must offer Covid-19 vaccinations to all prison inmates immediately -- putting them ahead of the state's senior citizens in line for the limited supply of vaccines. In an order issue...

Affirmative action: Challenge to Harvard’s admissions practices hits federal appeals court

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A federal appeals court will hear a long-running challenge to college affirmative action policies on Wednesday, nearly six years after the case against Harvard began and as America confronts intensifying racial divi...

Federal watchdog: ‘substantial likelihood of wrongdoingat US Agency for Global Media

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The Office of Special Counsel says it "found a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing" at the US Agency for Global Media, led by a controversial Trump political appointee. According to a letter dated Wednesday and ob...

After a child’s accidental shooting death, Pennsylvania appeals court rules federal gun industry protection law unconstitutional

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A Pennsylvania state appeals court has decided that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 is unconstitutional, court documents filed on Monday show. The PLCAA is a federal law that prohibits civil l...

Alle Amerikaanse federale gevangenisse is tydelik toegesluit voor die inhuldiging van Biden

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Federale tronke regoor die Verenigde State is voor die inhuldiging van die president, Joe Biden, tydelik onder toesluit geplaas. Die Buro vir Gevangenisse (BOP) het Saterdag aangekondig dat hy alle instellings beveilig ...

Federale regter stel die verhoor Maandag uit oor die stemming teen die stemming in Texas’ grootste graafskap

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'N Federale regter het 'n verhoor vir Maandagoggend opgestel om 'n uitdaging aan te spoor om deur te stem in Harris County, Texas, die grootste graafskap in die staat. Regter Andrew Hanen, wat deur president Ge .. op die bank aangestel is..

Federal judge blocks last-minute Trump rule limiting asylum claims

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A federal judge in California blocked a Trump-era rule that went into effect just a day before Joe Biden took office and sought to dramatically limit the ability of Central American migrants to claim asylum in the U...

Federal judge says he’ll block USPS policy changes nationwide

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A federal judge in eastern Washington said Thursday that he will issue a nationwide order blocking some recent changes made by the US Postal Service that slowed down mail and could threaten mail-in voting. During a ...

Die wetsontwerp op die verdediging sal onbekende federale magte keer om Amerikaanse strate te patrolleer

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Federal agents patrolling American streets without badges or insignias identifying who they are would become a thing of the past if a defense bill working its way through Congress becomes federal law. Die 2021 Natio...

Federal judge blocks attempt to hike naturalization fees by 80%

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A federal judge in California blocked a Trump administration rule that would've hiked up naturalization fees by more than 80% and charged a first-time fee for asylum applicants, days before the regulation was set to...

Biden kondig Rachel Levine aan as hulpsekretaris by HHS, sou die eerste federale amptenaar wat deur die Senaat bevestig is, wees

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Die verkose president Joe Biden benoem dr. Rachel Levine as assistent-gesondheidsekretaris te dien, en sy sou geskiedenis maak as die eerste keer, transgender federale amptenaar moet bevestig word deur die Senaat van die Verenigde State..

Federale owerhede het verwag om 'nie-skaalbaar' op te rig’ heining om die Withuis

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Daar word verwag dat die federale owerhede van Washington weer 'n a "nie-skaalbaar" omhein die hele omtrek van die Withuis Maandag terwyl wetstoepassers en ander agentskappe hulle voorberei op moontlike betogings..

Justice Sonia Sotomayor was targeted by gunman, federal judge tells ’60 Minutes

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US District Court Judge Esther Salas said that a gunman who killed her son and wounded her husband in 2020 had also set his sights on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, according to a CBS News "60 Minute" repor...

11 people are arrested after a demonstration outside a federal building in Portland

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Die polisie in hegtenis geneem 11 people in Portland, Oregon, after a demonstration outside a federal building Friday night, authorities said The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) said in a release that the demonstration happened outsi...

Senate confirms new members and restores power to long-hobbled Federal Election Commission

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The Senate on Wednesday confirmed three new members to the Federal Election Commission, ending months of paralysis for the election watchdog and cementing outgoing President Donald Trump's influence on an agency cha...

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