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Federal appeals court rules Trump can’t block New York subpoena for his tax returns

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The Manhattan district attorney can obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday, dealing the President another setback in his effort to shield his tax returns from investi...

Federal judge says he’ll block USPS policy changes nationwide

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A federal judge in eastern Washington said Thursday that he will issue a nationwide order blocking some recent changes made by the US Postal Service that slowed down mail and could threaten mail-in voting. During a ...

A Texas federal court decision is the latest hit to voting rights in America

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Joshua A. Douglas is a law professor at the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law. He is the author of Vote for US: How to Take Back Our Elections and Change the Future of Voting. Follow him on Twi...

Memo says federal employees could be punished for banned diversity trainings

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President Donald Trump's budget director sent additional guidance to federal agencies Monday on employee training programs the White House deems anti-American propaganda. In the new memo, Russell Vought warned feder...

A federal hearing was interrupted with images of 9/11 and pornography

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A federal court hearing held on Zoom about Georgia's use of electronic voting machines was interrupted suddenly when screens suddenly filled with photos of the 9/11 attacks and pornography. The disturbance happened...

Federal judge in Texas weighs legality of DACA, putting the program at risk again

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Just weeks after a federal court ordered that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals be restored, a judge in Texas heard arguments in a case challenging the legality of the program, which shields hundreds of thousan...

Federale regter stel die verhoor Maandag uit oor die stemming teen die stemming in Texas’ grootste graafskap

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'N Federale regter het 'n verhoor vir Maandagoggend opgestel om 'n uitdaging aan te spoor om deur te stem in Harris County, Texas, die grootste graafskap in die staat. Regter Andrew Hanen, wat deur president Ge .. op die bank aangestel is..

Federal watchdog: ‘substantial likelihood of wrongdoingat US Agency for Global Media

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The Office of Special Counsel says it "found a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing" at the US Agency for Global Media, led by a controversial Trump political appointee. According to a letter dated Wednesday and ob...

Federal appeals court rules against the Trump administration’s public charge rule

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday ruled against the Trump administration's controversial "public charge" rule that critics say has a chilling effect on immigrants who may need to seek medical assistanc...

Biden expected to halt new oil and gas leases on federal lands and take other climate-related action

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President Joe Biden is expected to sign several executive actions related to climate on Wednesday, including issuing a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands, according to a person familiar with his p...

Federal judge wants to see more evidence on Justice Department’s handling of Strzok, Page texts

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Washington A federal judge on Friday questioned the Justice Department's decision to release text messages between former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok and signaled that she wants to see more evidence abou...

Die wetsontwerp op die verdediging sal onbekende federale magte keer om Amerikaanse strate te patrolleer

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Federal agents patrolling American streets without badges or insignias identifying who they are would become a thing of the past if a defense bill working its way through Congress becomes federal law. Die 2021 Natio...

Federale databasis vir Covid-19-inentingsinligting wek kommer oor privaatheid en opname van entstowwe

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Terwyl Operasie Warp Speed ​​voorberei om die eerste Amerikaners die inenting teen koronavirus te gee, state is ingestel om verskillende vlakke van nie-identifiseerbare inligting oor entstofontvangers om te gee ten einde die federale te help ...

Federal government to execute inmate who blamed murder victim for using witchcraft on him

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The federal government was set Tuesday to execute an inmate who raped and murdered a 30-year-old nurse in Georgia 19 years ago and blamed the victim for using witchcraft on him. William Emmett LeCroy, 50, was found ...

Die departement van justisie haas hom om die uitvoeringsmetodes uit te brei, soos skietgroepe vir federale gevangenes op die doderyk

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Die departement van justisie het gehaas om die reëls rondom federale doodstraf te verander, aangesien dit 'n rits geskeduleerde teregstellings in die laaste dae van die Trump-regering bespoedig., insluitend die uitbreiding van moontlike uitvoering ...

Federal judge blocks attempt to hike naturalization fees by 80%

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A federal judge in California blocked a Trump administration rule that would've hiked up naturalization fees by more than 80% and charged a first-time fee for asylum applicants, days before the regulation was set to...

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