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Japan’s hafu stars are celebrated. But some mixed-race people say they feel like foreigners in their own country

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도쿄 "Excuse me, are you hafu?" the taxi driver asked. 안나, a woman of mixed Japanese and American heritage, was in a taxi en route to a party in Tokyo last year when she was asked that question, and says she had h...

Vin Diesel partners with Kygo to release his first single ‘Feel Like I Do

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확인, who had Vin Diesel becoming a pop star on their 2020 빙고 카드? The action star just released his debut single, "Feel Like I Do," with Norwegian music producer Kygo. The dance beat isn't too fast or too furio...

78 seconds that will actually make you feel good about politics

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The end of a presidential campaign is always a nasty thing. Wanting to leave no political attack un-launched, both sides tend to drop as much opposition research as they can onto their opponent right before voters g...

New artificial skin can feel real pain

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Pain may not be desirable, but it's essential for survival. An effective and sophisticated defense mechanism, pain is our body's way of telling us that something's wrong and that we should take immediate action to a...

Latino and Black Americans feel more hopeful and less angry about the state of country since the election, 퓨 조사 결과

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Some Black and Latino Americans are breathing a sigh of relief in the days since the election, 새로운 연구에 따르면. As Covid-19 cases spiked and a racial reckoning exploded over the summer, more than half of Bl...

A high school student and her brother are helping seniors feel less lonely with notes and care packages

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When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, nursing homes across the United States scrambled to protect their vulnerable residents. They shut their doors and banned visitors, leaving seniors isolated from the outside ...

Talking on the phone for 10 minutes could make you feel less lonely, 연구 말한다

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Talking to someone on the phone for 10 minutes multiple times a week -- if you're in control of the conversation -- can decrease loneliness, a new study revealed. Half of the 240 study participants were selected to...

이번 주는 코로나19가 우리의 삶을 송두리째 바꿔놓은 지 1년이 되는 주입니다.. 어떤 감정을 불러일으키든 스스로 느끼도록 내버려둬도 괜찮아

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Julie Gallagher는 저널리스트이자 프리랜서 작가입니다.. 그녀는 가장 최근에 2020 CNN 과제 편집자로 선출. 여기에 표현된 견해는 그녀의 것입니다. CNN에 대한 의견 더보기. 지난 목요일을 보냈습니다...

Bernie Sanders는 '편안함을 느끼지 않습니다.’ 트럼프가 '병적 거짓말 쟁이 임에도 불구하고 트위터의 영구적 인 금지에 대해’

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독립 센. 버니 샌더스는 화요일 공개 된 인터뷰에서 도널드 트럼프 전 대통령을 강력하게 비난했지만 트위터의 전 공화당 대통령에 대한 영구 정지는 옳지 않다고 말했다..

Gutfeld: MLB moving All-Star Game to Denver makes them feel good, but hurts those they insist on helping

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잘, it is Colorado, so maybe weed, because you've got to be mile high to think this was a solution, for a number of reasons that aren't Colorado's fault. It's just that in this new woke world, skin color is everyth...

High schoolers feel sense of normalcy after COVID vaccine opens to ages 16, 17

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High school is typically filled with memorable moments, but a lot of students have been missing out because of the pandemic. A 17-year-old Arizona high school senior, Camille Kerber, has been learning remotely for ov...

Heather Graham flaunts incredible bikini bod as she shares what makes her ‘feel good’ about herself

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그만큼 "Boogie Nights" actress posted a video to her Instagram on Wednesday praising her closest girlfriends for helping her feel confident in her body at 51 살이에요. "So grateful for my amazing girlfriends for making...

로렌스 존스: No matter how we feel about officer-involved deaths, ‘every case is different

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JONES: The incident comes at a bad time. The trial of officer Derek Chauvin already has the city of Minneapolis on edge. People will be quick to equate the deaths of George Floyd and Daunte Wright — but when you look...

'Man'의 Shania Twain 모델 미니 드레스! 나는 여자처럼 느낀다’ 뮤직 비디오: ‘같은 의상, 20 몇 년 떨어져!’

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55 세의 캐나다 컨트리 팝 가수는 목요일에 그녀의 상징적 인 뮤직 비디오에서 같은 옷을 입고 그녀의 나이를 무시한 인물을 공개했습니다. "남자! 나는 여자처럼 느낀다." Twain 's Tik에게 처음 공유 된 동영상에서 ...

Novak Djokovic responds to Rafal Nadal’s remark that he is ‘obsessedwith records: ‘What I feel is passion

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Nadal said during a recent interview with Metro that he "enjoys" playing tennis but does not obsess over it like Djokovic who has said he hopes to one day hold the record for the most Grand Slams. FEDERER TO PLAY TH...

NYC dad says daughter ‘recognizedprivate school was ‘trying to make her feel guiltyabout ‘skin color

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Andrew Gutmann, 백인은 누구인가, has faced an onslaught of media attention in recent days since sending former New York Times editor Bari Weiss a scathing letter addressed to Brearley parents, saying the $ 54,000-a-yea...

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